Top 5 League of Legends Matches to Watch and Bet on in the Weekend

Posted on February 7, 2020 - Last Updated on February 4, 2021

League of Legends is the most popular multiplayer online battle arena game and its most important domestic championships are already in full swing. The South Korean LCK and the Chinese LPL have their games evenly distributed throughout the week. Fans of the North American LCS and European LEC have plenty of reasons to anxiously wait for the weekend, as the best games run from Friday to Monday. For the first time ever, the LCS has extended the weekend action to include Monday matches.

2020 LCK Favorites take on Last Year’s Top Teams

Gen.G has emerged as the most likely team to win the LCK 2020 after a rather disappointing season last year. Now they take on Griffin, a team that looked simply unstoppable one year ago and are expected to win. ArcaneBet only offers odds of 3/10 on Gen.G to kickstart the season with a victory over a team that is clearly struggling. A bet on the underdog would pay 5/2, assuming Griffin finds a way to prevail.

The other exciting games scheduled this week in the LCK pits Sandbox against DragonX, with the latter being the surprise favorite. This is a particularly exciting match because these are teams with opposite play styles that can result in an explosive match. Odds of 3/5 on DragonX highlights their position as slight favorites, but value rests with Sandbox and the odds of 7/5 at Betway esports on their victory.

The LEC has saved the Best for Last

Ten games are scheduled for this weekend in the League of Legends European Championship, but the best ones take place on Saturday evening. The match between MAD Lions and Rogue is a classic example of what happens when enthusiasm and talent meet experience. MAD Lions have just joined the league and in spite of their talent, they lack the experience, hence the odds of 11/10. Rogue has grown tremendously last season and this is their time to shine, as we trust them to prevail at 7/10.

Without a doubt, the most anticipated League of Legends match of this weekend around the globe is the one between G2 Esports and Fnatic. This is the greatest rivalry in European LoL and the reigning champions have often emerged victorious. Fnatic always gave them a run for their money and with a single match being played, odds of 2/1 on an upset victory are tempting. Risk-averse punters can simply go with the favorites and settle for the 2/5, given the crushing head to head record and recent results.

Cloud9 and Team Dignitas Play for the First Place in the LCS

Team Liquid is once again the main favorite to win the LCS spring and summer seasons. So far, they were only able to split the four games played, so they trail their archrivals Cloud9. This is the team currently leading the LCS standings and in order to maintain their position, they need to defeat the red hot opponent. Team Dignitas is a new addition to the league, but it actually relies on players with a lot of LCS experience. This explains their second placement and the fact that they are only slight underdogs on the 8/5. Rivalry prices a Cloud9 win at 1/2, which is not exactly value against the runners-up.

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