Top 5 Meta Breaking Champions Currently in League of Legends

Published: Mar 1, 2021 - Last Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Are you a true meta rider and want to know which champions are the best in this new patch? Or maybe you are just curious because you’ve continuously seen the same champion going up against, and you don’t know why it is beating you so hard every time?

Although this patch contains a number of different buffs and nerfs, the nerfs themselves are relatively mild and will not impact the game on a huge scale.

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In the current League of Legends meta, most of the attention is focused on the early game. Early game can dictate how the whole match will go on, and it is difficult to recover later if you lost the first turret early in the game.

Players pick champions that are great early in the game, and that have huge snowball potential. If you recover in mid-game from an early loss, you will have much more options later on.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 meta-breaking champs in this patch. We will pick one champion for each role, so you can find yourself the perfect pick no matter which position you play.


We start off with the top lane, and the first meta champion is Fiora. Generally, this champion is designed to be a split pusher; especially with her passive ability, she will easily pass through tanky opponents.

She hasn’t been played that much so far, but the novelty is that her damage has been increased, making it popular among players.

With this buff, she can beat anyone one on one without any effort in late-game. If you’re afraid of the Teemo/Vayne top players, she can also poke them with her long sword abilities.


Junglers that can gank early are back to being favorites. With his clear abilities, Hecarim is one of the best jungle picks in the game. The best thing about ganking early is his ability to push your enemies to your teammates and near your turret.

Hecarim is a champion who will always stay on top, even though new generations of junglers are coming. This is because he will always be able to gank often, which is not the case with other champions.

He can quickly clear the jungle with his Q and W and look for a gank to participate. The perfect champion for roaming and team fights, as the enemies will have a hard time catching up to him.


Anivia is a constantly strong champion who has a lot of room for good play. Her abilities are diverse, and she is quite important in team fights. Combining abilities, you can do a few brilliant combos, which will give you an advantage on your solo lane or benefit your whole team in a chaotic team fight.

The best combination used by many players is W and her Ultimate. Throw both abilities to one side, and you can prevent the whole team from attacking you.

She gets a lot of assists in games, even though her enemies aren’t in range. By throwing W and just grazing the enemies with your wall, you can gain an assist and free gold.


The next champion is the ultimate team fighting machine called Seraphine. This champion’s goal is to poke players in the early phase and constantly push team fights in the later game.

She has a lot of utility, and she can deal a lot of damage to enemies. Players play this champion as she can be in the back-line and still have all five enemies charmed with her ult.

That is mainly why positioning is crucial when it comes to this champion. The more allies are around her, the stronger her passive will be, and she will deal a lot of damage, even as a support.

Kai Sa

Even though Kai Sa has received a nerf in her Q, she is an incredibly strong pick. As we said in the beginning, the nerfs are not that drastic because it is all about her auto attacks and less about her Q.

She is excellent at long trading in the bot lane because her passive doesn’t build up in short trades. When the minions are not in her way, she is the deadliest with her Q missiles.

With the mix of support that can lock down your enemies fast, Kai Sa can quickly put down enemies with her combos. With her ult, enemies have a hard time escaping her, thus providing her the agility she needs to be OP.

Wrapping up

The new meta surprised some players, while other players are happy that their champion has finally got the buff it deserves. One of the most appealing things about League of Legends is the game’s constantly evolving meta.

These were the strongest champions of the current patch. If you don’t play any of them, it helps to know which are the ones you wouldn’t want to match up against, so feel free to more or less insta-ban them and increase your odds of winning.

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