Top EU Teams Competing in Red Bull Home Ground

Published: Oct 8, 2021

Red Bull Home Ground returns to London once again, this time featuring the best 16 teams from Europe and the Middle East. The last 16th spot will be decided through the Red Bull Home Ground open qualifiers, which will take place from October 18th until October 21st. This is a great opportunity for new Valorant teams to try their luck and potentially land in the main event through the qualifier.

The esports tournament will last from November 4th until November 7th, giving us several days of action-packed Valorant goodness. G2 Esports won the previous Red Bull event back in January and took £10,000 back home with them. We’ll see if they’ll manage to do the same now that the competition is bigger and the stakes are higher.

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Let’s Check Out the Teams

The second iteration of the Red Bull Home Ground Valorant tournament will double the number of teams competing. The first event saw 8 teams competing in a single-elimination bracket, but this time Red Bull will up the stakes and change things a bit.

The 16 squads will compete in a Home & Away format, which is a unique format exclusive to this Red Bull esports event. According to Red Bull, map picks, game knowledge, and strategy will play a key role in this tournament, so we might see some crazy twists.

The Teams

The Home Ground Format Explained

Red Bull’s Home Ground esports tournaments have a unique rule when it comes to map picks. The matches are played as best-of-five, which is the standard format. However, there’s a small twist.

Each team gets to pick their own strongest map as their home ground. If one of the teams wins on both home grounds – they instantly win the match. If not, the match will continue as best-of-five and the first team to take 3 maps will be the winner.

It might sound confusing at first, but it’s actually pretty straightforward once you start watching the matches. It’s an interesting little detail that can shift the game dynamic completely. It adds extra depth to the usual format and makes things more fun and entertaining.

Who are the Favourites

Red Bull Home Ground will be the perfect opportunity to bet on Valorant, seeing how there’s 16 teams competing. Not only that, but the unique home ground rule could completely change your approach to betting in this tournament.

If you’re confident that your team will take both home grounds and win with a clean 2-0, then you’ll be able to make the most out of your bets. The odds will be higher, but the risk increases too.

G2 Esports is one of the first picks, especially considering the fact they won the previous Red Bull event. Gambit won the VCT Masters in Berlin, so they’re certainly in top shape as well. Team Liquid and Guild Esports should also be respected, but they might struggle if paired against Gambit or G2.

All in all, this event will be a lot of fun and you should definitely not miss it.

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