If You Have The Budget, We Have The Lineup: NA/EU Summer Split Fantasy Esports Insight

Published: May 25, 2016 - Last Updated: Jun 5, 2020

For all you daily fantasy esports bettors, we’re here to give you an early insight into how we think certain players will perform this coming Summer Split.

For a closer look at the teams, see our NA LCS Summer Split predictions and our EU LCS Summer Split predictions articles.

We’ll be doing a top three for each respective position (top, mid, jungle, adc, and support).

A few quick things about our DFS projections:

Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Top Lane

1. Huni (Immortals – 20.5 projected points)

Huni was clearly the best top laner in both the NA and EU last split, averaging 21.15 points per game (fourth best with players over 10 games played).

In fact, he’s the only top laner to be in the top 20 for points per game. His 5.1 KDA is tops in the NA among top laners with over 10 games played.

Want even more stats? Huni has a 13.1 CSD at 10 minutes (Creep Score Difference at 10 minutes in the game), an almost 5 CS differential over the next closest top laner. His 610 DPM (Damage Per Minute) leads among top laners.

Don’t overthink this one. Huni is a top tier talent on a top tier team and should be a starter in most DFS leagues and season long fantasy leagues.

2. Cabochard (Vitality – 17.6 projected points)

Vitality’s top laner took a huge step forward last split, posting the highest KDA among all top laners with over 10 games played in both the NA and EU LCS (5.7 KDA). Securing 57 takedowns (second to only Huni’s 69) goes a long way in helping that stat.

Cabochard also has a 7.9 CSD at 10 minutes, top five among top laners. He’s also second to Huni in DPM (455) for top laners. If you can’t grab Huni, Cabochard will provide slightly lesser stats at a slightly cheaper price at sites like AlphaDraft.

3. Odoamne (H2K – 17.2 projected points)

Odoamne is probably a surprise choice here for some, but he had a strong Spring Split and his team has remained largely intact. He finished third in fantasy points for top laners last split (322) and has a respected 4.6 KDA (top five).

Odoamne is the consistent player you’re looking for with a respectable price tag. He’s not on the level of Huni, but he should pull in similar stats to Cabochard.

Mid Lane

1. Pobelter (Immortals – 22.2 projected points)

Pobelter averaged 22.71 points per game last split, over two points more per game than the next mid laner, Perkz (20.69). Pobelter’s 8.5 KDA is second highest in the LCS (only behind his fellow teammate, Adrian).

His 5.6 CSD at 10 minutes is only outshined by Bjergsen.

Pobelter’s stats may be boosted somewhat by playing on a team like Immortals, but why knock it if it’s working? His 256 GD (Gold Difference) at 10 minutes is a direct result of his team’s success, but it’s also the best among mid laners.

2. Perkz (G2 eSports – 21.2 projected points)

Perkz is coming off a great start to his professional career, posting 372 points last split, second to only Pobelter. He’s a well-rounded player, with a top five KDA (5.2), kill count (76, tied with Pobelter), CSD at 10 minutes (6.0) and CSPM (9.0).

There was a lot of drama surrounding G2’s performance at MSI, but the team has since acquired Zven and Mithy from Origen. This will only help Perkz become an even more dominant player next split.

3. Jensen (Cloud 9 – 20.5 projected points)

It’s quickly becoming evident that Jensen is the heir apparent to Bjergsen as the top mid lane talent in North America. He averaged 19.51 points last split (third best for mid laners) and will play an even more prominent role on the revamped Cloud 9 roster this split.

He should be a solid contributor to DFS leagues and a potential first round pick in 10 man leagues.


1.Trick (G2 eSports – 21.1 projected points)

Trick was quite the surprise find for G2 last split, finishing his rookie split with a 6.2 KDA (second to only Reignover). He also finished the season with 371.56 fantasy points, second highest among junglers.

Perhaps the most amazing part of Trick’s game is his ability to make plays in lane while not sacrificing CSPM. He’s top five in both Kill Participation (KP) and CSPM among junglers.

2. Reignover (Immortals – 20.9 projected points)

Just as good of a choice among junglers is Reignover. He’s exceptionally talented and surrounded by other top talent. Reignover was number one in KDA (8.3), points per game (20.97), and DPM (371) last split.

Immortals is one of the few teams that kept their entire roster intact despite not making it to MSI, and that continuity should spill over into next split. I expect Reignover to come out of the gates strong and assert his dominance early.

3. Dardoch (Team Liquid – 19.7 projected points)

Dardoch was one of the surprise rookies from last split, finishing with 18.69 PPG (Points Per Game) despite not starting at the beginning of the split. His 5.7 KDA, 78 percent KPA, and 289 GD at 10 minutes is top 5 among top laners.

Look for Dardoch to continue to grow this Summer Split. TL finally has the right roster pieces to really shine through.

AD Carry

1.Piglet (Team Liquid – 22.4 projected points)

Piglet quietly had one of the best splits of his career, letting rookies Dardoch and Matt soak in the spotlight instead. We noticed, though. Piglet’s 6.3 KDA is second to only WildTurtle, and his KP of 77.5 percent is only second to Keith’s 78 percent.

Piglet may fly under the radar this split with all of the ADC changes in the EU LCS and more flavorful names available in the NA LCS. He could be a big steal if he falls to the second round of your draft.

2. WildTurtle (Immortals – 21.8 projected points)

Another Immortals player in the top two? Yup. Essentially, all Immortal players should be gone by round two. Immortals like to fight, and they’re wildly successful at it, meaning more fantasy points for their players.

WildTurtle finished last split with an astonishing 24.26 PPG, almost two more than the second best player in the LCS. His 7.0 KDA is only second to FORG1VEN.

He’s a solid first round pick and a mainstay in DFS lineups.

3. FORG1VEN (Origen – 20.8 projected points)

After a great split with H2K, FORG1VEN contemplated taking the Summer Split off after he was released from his contract. When Origen came calling though, he couldn’t resist the urge to play for a top tier team.

FORG1VEN will bring his 7.2 KDA (tops among ADCs), 11.2 CSD at 10 minutes (also tops among ADCs), and 9.4 CSPM (top three among ADCs) to an already competent team.


1. Adrian (Immortals – 20.1 projected points)

No surprise here, Adrian was the only support player in the LCS to finish with a top 10 PPG (20.19). His 8.7 KDA is also tops in the LCS. Adrian has continued his dominance despite switching from TIP to Immortals.

This is a no brainer for fans of esports betting sites and a potential first round pick in 10 man leagues. He should also be a weekly DFS player no matter the matchup.

2. Vander (H2K – 17.5 projected points)

There is a clear dropoff in talent at the support position after Adrian has come off the board, as can be noted by the projected PPG next split. Vander was consistent last split, finishing with a top five KDA (7.1), KPA (77.7 percent), and GD at 10 minutes.

In a group of supports that will largely be muddled after Adrian comes off the board, Vander provides the most consistent play.

3. Aphromoo (CLG – 16.5 projected points)

It wasn’t the best split for CLG’s support Aphromoo, but there were bound to be issues early on. CLG was replacing a superstar talent in Doublelift with a rookie in Stixxay, and Aphromoo was going to absorb the brunt of those growing pains.

After CLG’s success at MSI (and Stixxay’s emergence), look for Aphromoo to regain his former dominance this split. This will be a player you can get in the later rounds as well, or on the cheap in DFS leagues.

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