Toronto Ultra vs Los Angeles Guerrillas Betting Tips and Predictions

Published: Dec 5, 2023

Last year, Toronto Ultra was one of the most dominant teams in the Call of Duty League. On the other hand, the Los Angeles Guerrillas failed to gain any traction. During the off-season, it was thought that LAG would fold – but the organisation held on for dear life. Now, the two teams are facing off, but we can’t see a world in which LAG wins this match. Let’s enlist the competitive odds from Pinnacle and determine if LAG has a chance.

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Toronto Ultra vs Los Angeles Guerrillas Match Preview

It’s the most clear-cut showdown on paper, but does LAG have any real chance of winning this one?

Toronto Ultra

Toronto Ultra was the most dominant team last year behind the New York Subliners. It was widely believed the team would win COD Champs, but the Subliners proved to be too overwhelming a squad for the northernmost team in the Call of Duty League. This season, following a slight tweak to the roster (Envoy coming in), there are high expectations that the team will deliver huge results once again, effortlessly claiming a monopoly over the Call of Duty betting scene.

Los Angeles Guerrillas

LAG almost folded during the off-season, and financial concerns might have meant that the organisation couldn’t secure a top-tier team for the 2024 season. With one world champion-grade veteran on a team of relatively inexperienced or untested players (outside of Challengers), it’ll be tough for LAG to overcome Toronto Ultra in any scenario. But if there’s one thing we know about Call of Duty odds, it’s that the underdog can never be counted out of the fight.

ultra v guerrillas

Toronto Ultra vs Los Angeles Guerrillas Odds & Prediction

Let’s take a look at the odds found on Pinnacle Esports to determine which team is most likely to win this match:

Odds are correct at the time of publication and subject to change

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