Thunderpick Adds TRON Payment Option To Site

Published: Dec 20, 2021

In the world of social crypto betting, Thunderpick is one of the emerging names in this fast-growing niche market of esports and betting.

And customers at the company can now avail themselves of a new way to fund their account thanks to the news that Thunderpick has now adopted the TRON payment option (TRX) onto the site.

The move means that with Thunderpick, you can now deposit using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, XRP and now also TRX, offering customers another way to pay for their cryptocurrency casino gaming.

What Is TRON?

TRON is a cryptocurrency that was founded by the Tron Foundation in Singapore back in 2017. Founder Justin Sun has served as the CEO of the company over the last few years and the aim of the company was to create a cryptocurrency where its ecosystem was strong and decentralised enough for it to be run by the TRON community.

What did this goal actually mean? Well it meant rather than having one CEO controlling key elements of the TRON blockchain, as is customary in a number of other cryptocurrencies. Mr Sun’s dream was instead to decentralise his TRON currency so that he could effectively disown the currency, data and blockchain and let it be run within the community itself.

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The aim was to allow the community of TRON decide who it wanted to appoint as its ‘super-representatives’ in order that the cryptocurrency become decentralised in full.

While that set up for the parent company and its overriding aims was unusual, the actual Tron cryptocurrency (TRX) has become one of the more popular cryptos in use. It’s current value of 0.076235 is a drop from its recent high of 0.106877 on the 21st November, but in the volatile world of cryptocurrency, such rises and falls are not uncommon.

It is this ‘decentralisation’ of the cryptocurrency and the web itself that have been the driving force for the company over the years and in recent times, it has reached a satisfying conclusion.

Has Justin Sun CEO Of The Tron Foundation Just Quit?

The TRON Foundation issued a Tweet on the 18th December which revealed that its CEO Justin Sun had written an open letter to TRON followers and customers announcing that he was set to leave as CEO of the company.

Mr Sun had accepted a post as the Ambassador and permanent representative of Greneda to the World Trade Organization.

The reason that he has made that decision is that as per his wishes, the TRON platform is now officially a decentralized autonomous organization. A self-sustainable, autonomously governed community that is run by the 27 super-representatives previously mentioned.

His move to an ambassador for Greneda at the WTO is not unlinked to his role in developing systems for the blockchain. In his open letter, My Sun explains that he aims to “forge closer collaboration between the blockchain industry and international sovereign states.”

What Does This Mean For Thunderpick Customers?

Mr Sun’s decision to decentralise the platform and move to Geneva to work at the WTO won’t affect the deal with Thunderpick as the TRX cryptocurrency is now well-established and will continue to offer customers of the site an exciting new cryptocurrency to utilise moving forward.

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