TSM Bench Bang

Published: Sep 3, 2021

TSM have benched Sean “Bang” Bezerra and allowed him to explore other options. In other words, they find themselves with an incomplete roster once again and will be looking for a replacement.

TSM reinforced their core lineup with Bang and LeviathanAG during VCT Stage 3 Challengers 2, and things seemed to be moving up. However, shortly after, the team faced a crushing defeat in the Challengers Playoffs and missed their trip to Berlin. With Valorant Champions 2021 slowly turning into a fading dream, they begin to focus on the season ahead.

A Brief Stay

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Bang is a young Valorant player with a lot of potential, and his stay at TSM, although brief, has been a valuable experience. Not many can say they’ve had the opportunity to play with the best, and that counts.

He came to TSM during some trying times – the squad had barely any success in Valorant Champions Tour up to that point, and Stage 3 Challengers 2 was their last ditch effort to make it into the Challengers Playoffs, from where they’d have a clear shot at VCT Masters in Berlin.

Both Bang and LeviathanAG were instrumental in helping TSM win Challengers 2, and had they not been there, the final outcome might have been much different.

TSM has benched Bang, but have allowed him to explore his other options, to which he replied the following:

“TSM FTX wants to explore potential options and benched me for the time being. I have nothing but love and appreciation for everyone on the team and the org treated me like family, they have allowed me to explore my options and I am willing to play/learn anything”

It’s the end of the road for Bang when it comes to TSM, but his future ahead looks very bright.

Back to the Drawing Board

TSM had a plan, it worked for a brief instant, and then quickly fell apart. So what went wrong?

Well, TSM have their core which consists of Wardell, Subroza, and hazed. They obviously intend to keep it that way and try not to stray too far from the usual formula. By having last-minute additions of LeviathanAG and Bang, the team achieved some incredible results. But the long-term plan was clearly not there.

LeviathanAG is still playing with TSM, and he’s an excellent addition to the team, but his position in the squad still hangs in the balance. TSM might offer him a permanent spot and build around that, or opt to go for a new set of players and try again.

Consistency is key, and that’s something we’ve learned from Sentinels. That’s why they’re always the team to come out on top. If TSM can complete their lineup and stick with it, then in time they can grow into a formidable force. They already have a great core, they just have to find a way to enable them.

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