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Posted on May 5, 2021

TSM have had a rough time in the Valorant Champions Tour, and have accomplished very little throughout both stages of the event. After a phenomenal season in 2020, this squad came in confident and in high spirits but were simply unable to match the performance they had shown before.

The VCT Stage 2 Challengers 2 are over, and like many other teams, TSM is looking to change things up. They’ve already announced their sixth member on March 31st, signing Braxton “Brax” Pierce, and we were expecting to continue seeing a six-man lineup going forward. However, today we learned that Stephen “reltuC” Cutler has been benched, and will no longer play for the team. This former CSGO veteran is now once again a free agent, and he’ll be looking for a new home.

Who could pick up Cutler?

Cutler has been benched, but he has agreed to continue streaming for TSM. This means he’ll still keep some ties with the organisation, but just in a slightly different capacity.

When it comes to his competitive Valorant career, he clearly still wishes to play and continue improving at the game. He’s got a succesful stream that he’ll focus on, now that he’s no longer part of the active TSM roster.

He’s a former CSGO veteran, and as we’ve been able to see, those players are in high demand in Valorant right now. The players that migrated from games like Overwatch and Fortnite just can’t seem to match the expertise that CSGO vets offer.

CLG Cutler
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His CSGO experience, coupled with the fact that he’s a support player who excels at Controllers such as Astra and Omen, means he’ll easily find a spot in any competitive Valorant team. Many teams are struggling in NA Valorant right now, and perhaps Cutler’s game knowledge is just what they need to give them a push that they badly need.

TSM once again a 5-man roster

Now that Cutler is out of the picture, TSM has again reverted to a classic 5-man lineup. Fans of TSM have critiqued Cutler’s recent performance, and some even claiming that he’s single-handedly holding back TSM from reaching its former glory. Whether these claims turn out to be true or not, still remains to be seen.

Right now, the crew is finally in a spot where they don’t need to swap players constantly, and can just focus on making this lineup work.

They failed to qualify for both Masters in Valorant Champions Tour, and this is a heavy blow for this prestigious organisation. Still, there’s plenty of Valorant action coming our way and they can easily bounce back.

Once the VCT Masters in Reykjavík are over, we’ll see another wave of VCT Challengers. We expect TSM to show up and give it a try for the third time. Hopefully this time it works out for them, and they finally step onto the big stage with the best Valorant teams. This is where they belong, they just need to find their way back.

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