TSM Finalizes 2022 LCS Roster

Published: Dec 10, 2021

TSM has finally announced its starting roster for the upcoming 2022 League of Legends Season, introducing two new players to the lineup. The organization made the decision to import two Chinese players to complete the team, as they’ll be looking to fight for the top of the standings once again.

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TSM Finalizes 2022 LCS Roster
Image Credits | TSM

TSM’s off-season, drama and their preparation for 2022

TSM went through a very difficult off-season. Not only they lost Bjergsen, who was considered the face of the organization, but they also had to replace the bot lane of Lost and SwordArt. The support player was heavily disappointed by the 2021 season, leaving the team after only one year of service.

The organization also faced some backlash due to the whole Doublelift-Reginald drama. The former professional ADC player was considering returning to pro play but claimed that he didn’t want to play for TSM due to Reginald’s behavior within the team. Reginald then responded publicly to Doublelift, as the discussion blew up on the internet. Check out IWD’s video for the fully explained Drama.

All these events forced TSM to quickly look for new members to bounce back from a very poor 2021 season. After most teams announced their roster, TSM was one of the last to confirm their roster.

TSM will have two Chinese Imports for 2022

The North American powerhouse confirmed they had acquired rookie Chinese mid laner Zhu ‘Keaiduo’ Xiong and support Wei ‘Shenyi’ Zi-Jie. The two imports are relatively new to the competitive scene. Keaiduo previously played for ThunderTalk Gaming’s Academy, ThunderTalk Gaming Young, in 2021, while Shenyi played for FunPlus Phoenix’s Academy from May 2020 to July 2021, FunPlus Blaze, and later became FunPlus Phoenix’s substitute support. It will be interesting if TSM nailed the scouting process, as well as how the language barrier will be managed.

Nonetheless, the team still has their superstar jungler Spica, who is of Chinese origins, joined by top laner Huni and ADC Tactical, who are Koreans. TSM basically went for a full-Asian lineup: Spica and Huni remained for 2022, while Tactical returns to TSM after 2 years of experience on Team Liquid. The marksman played for TSM’s Academy back in 2019.

The Asian culture and mindset, as well as having Spica as a bridge will definitely help Keaiduo and Shenyi adapt faster to the LCS environment. TSM’s bold move of importing Chinese players is a risky one, considering that both are effectively rookies. With that being said, however, the return on TSM’s investment can be very high if both prove to be exceptional players.

TSM also confirmed its 2022’s coaching staff

On the same day, TSM’s coaching staff for 2022 was also revealed. Former Hong Kong Attitude head coach Chawy has joined the organization to fill the same role in the TSM’s LCS squad. To help him in his endeavors, the staff will also have Peter Zhang, who has been in TSM since 2018, Kayys and Haitham. Gunaso, instead, will be at the coach for TSM’s Academy roster.

If you’re excited about the new TSM roster, then make sure to watch the start of the LCS Lock In Tournament and 2022 Season, which is set to begin on Jan. 14.

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