TSM vs Golden Guardians: LCS 2022 Summer Predictions and Picks

Published: Jul 29, 2022

Both these sides could really use a win soon. Neither of them are currently within the playoff spots and are heading into this match on the back of two losses in a row.

TSM will take solace in not being at the very bottom of the league table, which is always a possibility with them. Golden Guardians will be facing the heat heading into this with only four wins so far and a loss to TSM likely to end their hopes of a playoff spot. This is a must-win for Golden Guardians. A loss will not only be a blow to their chances but also be humiliating because of the opponent.

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Predictions: Golden Guardians to win

Odds: 1.64

Betting Site: Odds provided by GG.Bet

When: Sunday, July 31, 22:30 CEST

TSM are in limbo with roster changes not making the desired impact

TSM have Dignitas and Immortals to thank for making them look all right. Dignitas have currently got a worse win rate and Immortals have a worse KD ratio. Despite that, TSM’s numbers still make for some dire reading. They have only managed three wins all season and have a KD ratio of 0.65.

The deaths per game, in particular, are shocking at 13.1 per game. The side are pretty aggressive by the looks of things with a first blood rate of 63.6% and matches only lasting an average of 30 minutes and 42 seconds but it seems like they leave themselves far too vulnerable and are easy to play against.

It’s not like this approach is giving them an offensive juggernaut, only managing 8.6 kills per game. They’re also the poorest side when it comes destroying the towers early game with a first tower rate of 18.2%, which is the league’s lowest. Four new members have been added recently but their recent record suggests that they’ll either need more time to gel with each other or are not up to the required standard. The early signs don’t look great with the team still looking in limbo.

Image Credits | Golden Guardians

Golden Guardians have made a line-up change with an eye on the playoffs

Golden Guardians fans will be buoyed by the news of a new arrival. Dignitas’ Jungler, River, will be joining them for the rest of the season. River’s stats for the year aren’t as good as those of the previous incumbent, Pridestalkr, but this might be due to the level of their teammates and the synergy of the team.

Where River seems a cut above Pridestalkr is their assists for the season with River managing 5.59 for the year compared to Pridestalker’s 5.15. Pridestalkr will most likely be heading to the academy to make way for their new jungler. River joined Dignitas with a great reputation, having starred for the PSG Talon’s over the years. He’ll be hoping to rediscover that form because Golden Guardians desperately need it at the moment.

Similar to TSM, their aggressive approached as evidenced by the 54.5% first blood and first tower rate has made them extremely vulnerable to kills. They have averaged 12.5 deaths per game this season and this approach has only delivered 10 kills per game. River will ideally help the team balance that KD ratio, which currently sits at 0.80. This is not good enough for a side hoping to make the playoffs.

“I was honestly a little nervous about it because I don’t always do the best with a ton of change,” Licorice told Inven Global. “On the first day of the split, we showed up and got told we had to go home. We were trying to figure out how to get everyone to the office and what the setups we were going to play on were. All of our staff was running around trying to meet requirements for Riot regarding the tech side of things. That was awful.

“I was definitely feeling a little bit nervous about coming back, but it actually felt really good. This was the most relaxed I’ve been at the LCS in a long time. It was nice. You can play a lot of things, but it feels like the game is dictated a lot more by bot lane. It’s a lot more of a bot-centric style globally, so you can pick a lot of things, but at the end of the day, you’re just a top laner.”

TSM vs Golden Guardians Predictions

Golden Guardians statistically rack up better, have a higher ceiling and have added a member. This is one of the better League of Legends betting matches of the weekend because the two sides have similar approaches and similar weaknesses. The LoL odds are currently in favor of Golden Guardians and it’s best to pick them for this match.

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