TSM to Sign Seven and gMd

Published: Apr 5, 2022

According to some reports, TSM might be signing Anthony “gMd” Guimond and Johann “seven” Hernandez. Both players were recently released from their former teams and found themselves on the player market once again.

It seems like TSM could be seizing this unique opportunity to bolster their weakened roster after the recent departure of Matthew “Wardell” Yu.

If the deal does go through, TSM might find themselves in the position to compete on equal footing with the best of the best in North America. In the best case scenario, this new lineup could potentially revive the old TSM that once ruled the early days of Valorant.

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Seven’s Time to Shine

Both of these players have high value and immense untapped potential, especially Seven. At such a young age he was both part of 100 Thieves and T1, two major esports organisations.

While Seven didn’t get the chance to properly test his skills in 100 Thieves due to being a sub, he did gain quite a bit of knowledge studying his teammates. His stay in T1 was short-lived, too. He only played a couple of matches before the whole situation in T1 completely fell apart due to some internal issues.

However, it seems Seven has finally found his ground in TSM. He played with the team in the recent Knights Arena Monthly Gauntlet 2022: March esports tournament and performed quite well. In fact, in all the matches the team played, Seven was consistently carrying along with corey. They didn’t win, but it was a great practice tournament where Seven’s skills really shined.

The Deadliest Omen Player

When we heard gMd left Gen.G on March 31st, we immediately knew he wouldn’t be staying a free agent for long. A player of his caliber is always in high demand, especially if he’s highly proficient at Omen, one of the best Controller agents in Valorant. Not to mention that Riot Games recently buffed the agent, making it more competitive and on par with other meta agents in the Valorant Champions Tour.

Image Credits | Riot Games

All of these factors combined make Anthony “gMd” Guimond a highly-desired player on the market, and it seems that TSM got to him first.

If gMd joins TSM, he’ll almost certainly be the team’s Omen player. Subroza might play Skye, and perhaps even Astra or Viper, even if both of these agents received considerable nerfs this year.

The Future of TSM

Even if TSM does sign both Seven and gMd, it won’t magically change things overnight. They’ll still have to train and compete together in order to build proper synergy and trust between the members of the team.

TSM will have to grind their way from the bottom up, just like we’ve seen with the recent NA sensation that is The Guard. They’ve blown everyone out of the water, and the main ingredient of their success was simply hard work.

So in order to succeed, TSM must adopt this practice and take it one step at a time and lower their initial expectations. Yes, they dominated some of the early Valorant esports tournaments prior to the introduction of Valorant Champions Tour, but today’s Valorant landscape has changed considerably and there’s much more competition than there was back then.

In any case, them signing these two top Valorant players would be a step in the right direction. It would be great if they qualify for the second NA Challengers, so that we can finally see what their team is truly made of.

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