TSM adds Brax as Sixth Man for Valorant Team

Published: Apr 1, 2021 - Last Updated: Jul 18, 2023

TSM’s Valorant team has just received its newest member, Braxton “brax” Pierce, completing the squad and moving forward with a 6-man lineup. Many professional players came over from CSGO, and also quite a few CSGO organisations transitioned into Valorant, carrying over the same 5-man mentality. However, we’ve started noticing more and more teams adding a sixth member, such as T1 and now TSM.

With a game as fresh as Valorant, and a meta that’s still evolving, changes like these make a lot of sense. Valorant is not CSGO, although both games share many similarities. The nuances Valorant offers, such as different agent roles and agent specialties, become much more impactful in a 6-man roster.

TSM Brax could prove to be the missing link TSM needed to turn things around. We’ll have to wait and see, so stay tuned for more news and Valorant betting tips.

We might see a 6-man meta

TSM’s move to add Brax as the sixth member of their crew could be a sign of things to come. The Valorant meta is still unpredictable, and almost every professional team is looking for a winning strategy, but we’ve yet to see one.

Having 5 members in a team is okay, it’s the age-old standard. Each crew member gets to enjoy playing full-time, and one can argue that less is more in this case as it’s easier to train a group of five, as opposed to a group of six.

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But what happens when things don’t go according to plan? We’ve seen time and time again how teams enter into a competition and the strategy just doesn’t work out. They go from match to match, continuously dropping in performance, and ultimately achieving subpar results.

This is where 6-man rosters step in. With a team of six, there’s more competition for spots, but the added flexibility is also there. Especially in a game such as Valorant. When you have six members, and the strategy falls flat, you can sub the underperforming player and try a different approach. Many professional players are well-rounded, but almost all of them have favorite roles and agents they excel at. Having six members has all the benefits and zero detriments.

Can TSM make a comeback?

TSM has been struggling for quite a long time now. Their Valorant Champions Tour performance was nothing spectacular. They managed to get into the Stage 1 Challengers 3, but aside from a solid opening match against Gen.G, the guys from TSM didn’t show much. In fact, ever since First Strike: North America, their performance has been going downhill.

The addition of Brax and their switch to a 6-man setup might just prove to be a winning formula for this team.

Brax brings a lot of firepower to TSM. He’s a former member of T1, and widely known as the first professional Valorant player to ever be signed, so he will be a valuable asset to the team.

We still don’t know how the team dynamics are going to unfold, and it will most likely take time before the squad adjusts to the new changes. However, once they do, they could have a considerable advantage against other competitors in Valorant. With brax’s addition, we just might see TSM’s odds improve when it comes to Valorant betting.

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