Twitch Steps Up Support For Streamers With New DMCA And Copyright Update

Published: Mar 18, 2021

There is no doubt that Twitch has been making real moves in recent times to improve the level of support for streamers and users of the service. In addition to making a real stand against xenophobic attacks in recent times, the company has now moved in a different direction to help streamers with the potentially thorny issue of DMCA and Copyright.

There have been times when streamers have inadvertently fallen foul of potential copyright issues when they have had music playing on their stream or similar. When this happens users have, in the past, received DMCA notices via email warning them of potential violations.

When this occurs, if the user does not take down the content, then they could be liable and be forced to pay compensation.

Twitch users had been complaining that it was difficult to track DMCA issues, as well as copyright strikes on the platform, and Twitch has moved to help its users with these issues.

Trackers Installed And DMCA Integration

The first improvement for users is the fact that Twitch has made it possible for users to easily track any copyright strikes they may have within the service.

Furthermore, Twitch has also made a change which means that if a user is served with a DMCA notice, this will go through the Twitch platform itself. This means that if you are given notice, the notification will come through Twitch, rather than solely through email.

This is a smart move on behalf of the company given the issues and concerns that a significant number of Twitch streamers had expressed about copyright and DMCA issues in recent times.

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Panic And Content Deleted

Last summer, the DMCA were particularly prevalent on Twitter and served a high number of notices to streamers about their content. So prolific were the number of notices that many creators started to panic and took down content.

It was clear evidence of DMCA’s hitting popular streamers and in truth, it had long been expected.

The problem with this was that the panic it caused meant that people deleted vast chunks of their content. This included content that was DMCA-friendly and thus perfectly legal to have available on the Twitch service.

However, to avoid the threat of legal action, many users began to delete vast swathes of content. Only, one of the main issues facing Twitch users at this time was that manually deleting everything in their Twitch library was difficult to do.

In answer to this particular problem, Twitch has announced another upgrade to its service which means that it is now much easier to unpublish all VOD’s on a user’s channel.

This will no doubt be extremely useful not just to esports top ten highest paid Twitch Streamers, but also general users who want to ensure their content is legal and easy to access and publish or unpublish.

Further Upgrades And Improvements Coming Later In 2021

Alongside these improvements to the service, there are a number of other changes being readied for later in the year. This includes a change in the structure of the website’s database of video clips to allow users to expand their ability to selectively delete files, as well as giving streamers more information about DMCA-related issues.

There have been cases where twitch has changed the audio of esports tournaments due to DMCA issues and there is no doubt that whether you are simply watching a stream, playing esports, enjoying esports betting alongside your live stream, or using Twitch in any other way, it is an issue that requires care and consideration.

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