Twitch Retains Trio of Key Streamers Through Exclusivity Deal

Published: May 27, 2020

You may recall that yesterday we wrote about the highest paid Twitch streamers in the esports industry and somewhat serendipitously, the company has announced that a trio of names from their top paid switch streamers are set to bring their content to their millions of followers, via the Twitch service, for many years to come.

Jaryd “Summit1G” Lazar, Brett “Dakotaz” Hoffman and Josh “JoshOG” Beaver have, through their gaming management company Loaded, agreed on a multi-year deal with Twitch to continue to stream live content exclusively on the channel.

Most Popular on Twitch

As revealed yesterday, the streamers are amongst some of the most popular streamers on Twitch, with a combined following of over 11 million between them.

The deal agreed by Loaded will not only ensure that they will continue their popular individual channels on the site, but they will also be active participants and supporters of a number of Twitch-based gaming events and other attractions over the duration of the deal.

Speaking about the deal, Brandon Freytag, the co-founder and Senior Vice President at Loaded stated:

“Over the last decade, these streamers garnered loyal fan based and built successful brands on Twitch.”

“These deals further solidify what an integral part Creators are to the growth of the Twitch service and the overall gaming community. We are very happy that they have the opportunity to continue doing what they love while providing their fans with the live-streaming content they want to watch.”


Additionall, Michael Aragon the Senior Vice President at Twitch also commented:

“Summit1G, Dakotaz and JoshOG have each made it a priority to cultivate genuine connections among their fans while demonstrating their ongoing support for the community at-large through participation in broader Twitch events.”

“At a time when community is paramount, these Creators are a core part of Twitch’s mission to bring people together, and we’re excited to continue our partnership as we build on the future of gaming and live entertainment.”

Who are the Streamers?

With over 5 million followers on Twitch, Summit1G has earned his popularity through being a very popular gaming professional. Most recently active on the beta version of the forthcoming game Valorant, he averaged nearly 200,000 concurrent viewers per stream during the game’s beta launch. Popular with his fans thanks to his skills, interaction and dedication, Summit1G is known for his engaging content.

With over 4.3 million followers on YouTube and a similar number on YouTube and Instagram, Dakotaz, started streaming on Twitch in 2011 and in 2018, he was voted the best Fornite streamer on the service in a poll by drinks company Red Bull. In 2018, his Twitch channel was one of the ten most watched on the platform globally.

Starting on Twitch in 2014, JoshOG has over 1.73 million followers on Twitch and has nurtured them into what he call’s his community of Ducks. A Warzone specialist, he recently won three Warzone tournaments back to back to enhance his reputation.

The three streamers join the likes of DrLupo, TimTheTatman,Lirik and Dr Disrespect in re-signing with Twitch for the foreseeable future.

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