Twitch Rivals 2020: Streamer Bowl Event Preview

Posted on January 16, 2020 - Last Updated on February 4, 2021

Twitch Rivals is a tournament series created for people who stream on this platform. Its goal is to provide an incentive for both established as well as up and coming streamers to create more content on Twitch and choose this streaming service over others. Since content creators go where they find the best opportunities and audiences simply follow them, it makes a lot of sense for Twitch to provide this event series in order to maintain its dominance in the streaming market.

In 2019, Twitch Rivals included over 100 event days featuring a wide variety of games and formats. The total amount of money offered as prizes in these events was in the millions of dollars.

Twitch Rivals: Streamer Bowl

Twitch Rivals will offer plenty of action in 2020, just as it did in 2019. The first events featured on the platform for this new season will be for Fortnite and League of Legends. Here’s a brief description of the Fortnite event.

Twitch Rivals: Streamer Bowl is a Fortnite tournament held in multiple stages. The competition features 16 Twitch streamers and 16 NFL players. Participants will compete in a multitude of Fortnite events, culminating with a live esports tournament at the Super Bowl in Miami, Florida on January 30th.


The schedule for the remaining stages of Twitch Rivals: Streamer Bowl is the following:

THURSDAY, January 16, 2020

Streamer Bowl Draft Showdown

  • Check-In Opens: 3:00 PM Pacific Time
  • Broadcast Begins: 4:00 PM Pacific Time

THURSDAY, January 30, 2020

Streamer Bowl

  • Pre-Game Broadcast: 2:00 PM Pacific Time / 5:00 PM ET
  • Broadcast Begins: 3:00 PM Pacific Time / 6:00 PM ET

Twitch Rivals Stage

The Format

The competitive format used for Twitch Rivals: Streamer Bowl is the following:

Streamer Bowl Showcases #1-4

  • Fortnite players will team up with NFL ones and compete together in Duos & Squads.
  • In Duos, two teams made up of one streamer and one NFL athlete will compete in public matches for 35 minutes.
  • In Squads, all four players team up as a Squad and queue together into pub matches.

Streamer Bowl Draft Showdown

  • 16 high-level Fortnite streamers will compete solo against each other in 6 games of the Creative Mode map and game mode “ZeroYaHero’s Respawn Zone Wars” to determine what the order of draft picks will be.
  • After the time limit of each game has been reached, players will receive points based on their placement.

The total Streamer Bowl prizes will be $580,000. The top three players will receive $125,000, $80,000 and $60,000 respectively.

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Impact of Twitch Rivals on Twitch

Twitch Rivals is no doubt going to help Twitch in their own rivalry with Mixer. Some of the most famous Twitch streamers, such as Ninja and shroud, have already left the platform in order to join Mixer, most likely as a result of receiving huge contracts from Twitch’s biggest rival to date. Under these conditions, anything that Twitch can do to improve its position is quite useful and might prove to be essential in the battles ahead.

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