Unikrn, Betgenius Will Create Immersive Esports Betting Platform

Published: Jul 3, 2017 - Last Updated: Apr 8, 2024

The esports company Unikrn and the betting software provider Betgenius are launching a unique product for the esports market. By leveraging data analytics, content, pre-match and live betting markets, the two companies are aiming to create a new and immersive betting platform.

Aiming for a best-in-class experience

Betgenius, a company providing data-driven software to regulated sports betting and lottery operators, is helping Unikrn expand its esports betting presence. The two companies are attempting to create an in-play betting product that will service major esports live events.

The new platform will provide fully automated prices for competitions across popular games like League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO, Call of Duty, and Overwatch.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Unikrn, the most renowned and innovative operator in esports, to facilitate its state-of-the-art live betting experiences and help grow the regulated market,” said Betgenius Managing Director Jack Davison.

If all goes well, Betgenius’ data services and technology should solidify Unikrn’s position as the leading esports bookmaker.

Market integrity for better functionality

The importance of integrity in esports is a widely discussed topic, and many organizations are already addressing the issue. Considering the recent controversies surrounding unregulated betting operators and illegal Counter Strike skin gambling sites, safe and legal esports betting providers have never been more needed.

Organizations like Unikrn and Betgenius are trying to answer the call.

“There is no doubt that legal, regulated wagering is a blossoming frontier in esports, and we are proud to offer our customers with not only the most engaging product on the market but also the most secure,” said Unikrn CEO Rahul Sood. “This could only be achieved by partnering with a leading supplier with the utmost integrity.”

The upcoming Betting on Esports conference will host panel discussions on topics like integrity, an additional indication of how important the matter is for the industry.

Unikrn keeps growing

What was once a small esports startup has now become an industry trendsetter. Unikrn has rapidly expanded its presence since launching in 2014.

The company been steadily investing in new companies and teams, as well as continuously expanding its services. On top of that, Unikrn has been making moves to bridge the gap between esports betting and casinos.

No matter the current novelty in the industry, the Seattle-based company always seeks to participate. Its new partnership will help Unikrn further strengthen its position as the cutting-edge company it has been so far.

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