Hook Up With Unikrn’s New Unikrn Connekt Product And Get Free Unikoins

Posted on April 9, 2016 - Last Updated on February 1, 2023

When it comes to enterprises within the esports betting market, Unikrn is clearly among the most successful companies.

The Seattle-based esports betting site is again adding new features and products to its offerings, and this time it’s launching Unikrn Connekt, a way for users to capitalize their playing time – earning Unikoins while playing games.

Unikoins have been a boon for Unikrn

Unikoins are probably one of the most notable “inventions” by Unikrn.

Unikrn is a virtual currency that can be used on the company’s website for all sorts of different purpose, of which the most popular are clearly betting on games and entering into raffles to win awesome swag. The new product, Unikrn Connekt, allows users to link their gaming accounts to Unikrn and basically win these Unikoins every time they play a game – no matter if the game is won or lost.

Unikoins were a genius invention, especially in a time of a high volume of debates about the legality of online gambling. With a virtual currency, the company surpassed this barrier and players can bet on games without having to use real money. Despite the fact that there are people who would probably prefer betting with real money, it’s a brilliant alternative when real money wagering is not possible.

Get free Unikoins if you try Connekt

Unikrn Connect, for now, allows users to earn Unikoins through games of League of Legends, CS:GO, and Dota 2.

The company is also giving away 100 free Unikoins to all new Connekt users, once they link their first game account. The linking process, according to Unikrn, does not take longer than two minutes. Besides earning stacks of Unikoins when playing games, users of Unikrn Connekt can also follow their own gaming statistics with advanced user profiles.

The virtual currency became popular very fast, and Unikrn has seen a massive success with over 30 million Unikoins wagered in only six months. It is no surprise that the company keeps coming up with new products and services around its virtual currency to expand the already fast-growing user base.

Rahul Sood, the CEO of the Unikrn, commented on the success of Unikoins:

“We recognized very early on that Unikoins were a huge hit with our fans, and to date, on top of the total amount wagered, we’ve also seen over 4.3 million Unikoins having been placed in our raffles with over 1,000 prizes given away to date. These are some impressive numbers!”

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