Unikrn Has Built A Solid Platform On Which To Rest Its Growing eSports Betting Business

Published: Oct 13, 2015 - Last Updated: Oct 4, 2022

“Unikrn is a gaming and entertainment company with a focus on eSports. We own a network of gaming communities that reach millions of gamers in over 100 countries worldwide. We have created a safe, legal, and a fun arena for anyone to gather, game, and bet on eSports.”

It’s a simple description found on the company’s website. Since its inception in 2014 and the big breakthrough at the beginning of 2015, the Seattle-based Unikrn has introduced many great novelties on its wagering platform.

Unikoins, a global wagering platform and the recent Marketplace 2.0 are the ones that currently deserve the most attention.

Enhancing the eSports viewing experience

Similar to classic sportsbook betting, Unikrn offers wagering on the outcome of an event – in this case, matches from a variety of games.

Players can currently bet on eight different games:

Within these games, Unikrn supports esports betting on major sanctioned professional eSports tournaments such as the ongoing League of Legends World Championships and the recently finished The International 5 Dota 2 Championship. Both single bets and multiple bets, where players can increase their potential profits by combining a line of gaming events, can be executed.

Additionally, players can try to predict the outright winners on the biggest eSports tournaments going on right now.

Global platform

Unikrn became the exclusive eSports partner of Tabcorp, one of the largest and most reputable wagering companies in the world. Tabcorp has global licenses for wagering, and their online Luxbet system enables Unikrn to offer real-money betting in countries where wagering is legally permitted.

However, betting with real money is tied to regulations of specific countries and since the company wants to make betting possible for the global eSports audience, the team at Unikrn came up with a great solution to overcome this barrier – introducing a global platform accompanied with a virtual currency. With this, players all over the globe can use the virtual currency called Unikoins and bet on their favorite teams.

Why join if you cannot bet real money? Unikrn makes sure that it’s well worth it!

Unikoins and Marketpace 2.0

Unikoins are a virtual currency that you can use at Unikrn.com to place bets on esports and enter prize draws in the Unikrn Marketplace. They cannot be bought with real money, but the company made sure that there’s an easy and fun way to acquire the virtual currency.

Besides being awarded with Unikoins at the first registration and upon completion of the tutorial, which is basically just getting familiar with the website through a couple of easy steps, users earn Unikoins by participating in various activities such as answering trivia questions, creating their own trivia questions through Unikrn Vault, the Android mobile app, and by checking videos of products that are available at the Marketplace, which is just one of the many awesome features of Unikrn.

The Marketplace 2.0 – a recently updated platform – is a place where players can use their Unikoins to enter prize draws. The raffles usually last 7 days and then a new round starts with new items. Players can also use Unikoins to vote for what items they want to see in the next raffle.

As usual, the more Unikoins players enter into individual draws – there are about 5 draws happening simultaneously – the more chances they get for winning the prize.

Since there is no limit on how many Unikoins players can enter into a draw, this means that the better their performance at betting, the more Unikoins they have available to enter into raffles for the item of their choice. Besides the huge variety of digital gift cards, including Amazon, iTunes, and Visa cards, the prizes also include products from well known brands such as Razer, HP, Logitech, and Kingston.

An additional deal-sweetener is the daily prize draws, where random players get awarded with cool prizes.

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