Discover Unikrn’s Exclusive Virtual Street Fighter V Betting

Published: Sep 12, 2019 - Last Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Unikrn is well known as one of the most innovative esports betting sites. Now, it’s launched an exciting new feature: virtual Street Fighter V betting. This allows Unikrn customers to wager on legendary Street Fighter V stars like Justin ‘Jwong’ Wong in simulations of real-life matches.

This virtual betting option uses a regulator-approved random number generator to ensure the outcome of each match is completely fair. Although the famous Capcom game has plenty of real-life esports tournaments, such as the Evo Championship Series, Unikrn now ensures there is always some top-class fighting game action to wager on.

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So how does Unikrn’s virtual Street Fighter V betting actually work?

The games feature 1,000 brand new rounds between JWong and a wide range of his hand-selected rivals. This means you can wager on JWong playing the likes of Falke, Kolin, and Zangief. Then, there’s Prototype playing as Cammy, Marn playing as R. Mika, or even Ruin playing as Birdie.

By visiting the Unikrn esports betting site, customers can see a fresh Street Fighter V betting option coming up every minute. The action is all derived from the use of a third-party random number generator. This, of course, means the action is regulated and unbiased.

Unikrn Virtual Street Fighter V
Unikrn virtual Esports

A variety of virtual betting markets

As well as the basic match winner market, you should able to bet on things like the first attack, perfect, time remaining, max combo, correct round, wins display, and much more.

Unikrn has previously found success in offering a virtual Counter Strike Global Offensive betting feature. Now, it hopes to extend this service to other popular esports, like League of Legends, Dota 2 and Overwatch. Virtual sports betting has clearly succeeded with traditional sports such as football, basketball, tennis, and even horse racing.

The advantages of virtual esports betting with Unikrn

Esports betting fans have grown to appreciate virtual esports betting for many reasons. First, there are no delays between games. Then, there’s a constant range of matches to bet on 24/7. In addition, Unikrn provides punters with plenty of statistics about the form of the relevant players, so you can research and place a well-informed esports bet.

Unikrn launched Virtual Street Fighter V betting
SFV Ryu-Ken fan art by YamaOrce

Unikrn has also endeavored to include a free live stream of the virtual Street Fighter V games. You can even watch this without making a bet. Obviously, this innovative new feature will have some way to go before it catches up in popularity with regular esports betting.

But seeing as virtual betting for traditional sports is the third biggest earner for UK online bookmakers, it seems Unikrn’s decision to include virtual bets for Street Fighter V could be a very shrewd move.

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