Unikrn Esports Betting Site To Feature Tron Cryptocurrency

Published: Aug 9, 2019 - Last Updated: May 30, 2024

Tron Foundation’s cryptocurrency, TRX, will now be featured among the payment methods on the Unikrn esports betting site.

The announcement was made in conjunction with the unveiling of the new Unikrn Wallet 2.0. This feature promises to offer customers a better way to fund esports bets.

Tron Cryptocurrency

Unikrn has even revealed an exclusive bonus for all new customers who deposit with the TRX crypto. This means that if you sign up with the TRX bonus code, you should receive a deposit bonus of up to 400 percent.

But it doesn’t stop there. The Unikrn Wallet 2.0 can be used with the Tron Foundation cryptocurrency to enjoy a range of other benefits. These include higher deposit limits and much more.

Start with $80 Cash when you deposit $20

Gamers’ online security is also of paramount importance at Unikrn. The brand has been quick to point out that its revamped wallet will be powered by the Bittrex International exchange, one of the most respected cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

A big part of the TRX’s appeal is the way in which gamers can effortlessly convert the cryptocurrencies into Unikoin Gold in order to make safe and easy esports bets.

This is especially attractive as Unikrn’s esports betting site includes the revolutionary UMode. Gamers can bet on their own gaming talents for a broad range of esports such as Fortnite, League of Legends, and Dota 2.

In just five years, Unikrn has grown to become one of the most innovative esports betting sites around. Everything from their celebrity endorsements to their Connekt rewards scheme points to the fact that Unikrn is fiercely ambitious about taking esports betting to the next level.

While many bookmakers in the sporting world have proven resistant to cryptocurrencies, Unikrn has shown no such reservations.

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More innovative payment tech at Unikrn

Alongside the recently arrived Tron coins and the brand’s own Unikoin Gold, the esports betting site currently features major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. Unikrn ultimately hopes to transform the usage of such innovative payment technologies.

Rather than simply buying and trading crypto coins, customers will have to freedom to directly fund esports bets with them. Unikrn is clearly keen to harness Tron Foundation’s strong reputation.

Recently, the Tron crypto weighed in as the second-most-mentioned crypto on Twitter behind Bitcoin. As long as the brand continues to work hard at forming relationships with forward-thinking companies like Unikrn, they will be more than just mentionable.

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