Unikrn Further Expands Las Vegas Presence By Acquiring Esports Startup Leet

Posted on April 29, 2017 - Last Updated on February 1, 2023

The Seattle-based esports entertainment company Unikrn has made moves to further expand its presence in Las Vegas.

By acquiring the esports-integration startup Leet, the company is looking to further solidify its presence in the esports casino area.

Casinos in need of modern strategy to engage young adults

Leet aims to bring competitive gaming into the casino world. Currently, the company is working with various players in the industry by helping them run their own in-house esports tournaments. Moreover, the startup provides other services, such as running an esports content channel, gaming rentals for hotels, and bingo-style streaming experience called Leet Bingo.

Unikrn, the leading esports bookmaker, seeks to utilize Leet’s services to create new gambling experiences at casinos.

“Our company has seen growth throughout 2016 with our casino events business and we’re looking forward to an even better 2017 and beyond with Unikrn,” said Leet CEO and founder Kingsley Edwards. “It’s clear that casinos are in need of a modern strategy to engage young adults. Unikrn and LEET provide exactly that with our complimentary suite of esports products, community reach, and talented team.”

“Building a presence in Las Vegas is incredibly important to Unikrn,” said Rahul Sood, the company’s CEO. “We have been working for two years to build Unikrn, and LEET will help accelerate our business as the world’s best bookmaker for esports. Carson and Kingsley are fantastic founders, I’ve met them multiple times at almost every event we attend.  This deal just made sense, and we’re excited to have their talents along with the entire LEET team as part of Unikrn Vegas.”

Unikrn is a growing player in the esports industry

Unikrn has been playing its cards right since its inception, always aiming to become a major player in the industry. By consistently adding novelties to its offerings, forging new partnerships, and exploring new areas, the company is going all-in on esports.

With this new endeavor, Unikrn and Leet hope to capitalize on the ongoing development of esports integration in the Las Vegas area.

Esports picking up steam in Las Vegas

The amount of esports-related activity has been steadily increasing up in Las Vegas. Dreamhack Masters was hosted in the city in February; The Strip launched a series of monthly competitions; and more esports organizations show interest in being a part of the growing trend.

Moreover, with the expansion of esports to colleges across the country, schools in the area don’t want to miss out on the hype.

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