Unikrn Pronounces Itself Bet Ready for CS2 and Skill Betting in uMode

Published: Sep 27, 2023 - Last Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Esports betting site Unikrn has announced that they are going to be ready with a range of fantastic betting options at the launch of the massively-anticipated Counter-Strike 2 title. Customers of the site, which operates in Brazil, Chile, and Canada (apart from Ontario), will be able to access a wide choice of betting options on top CS esports events.

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An official CS2 X account teased last Wednesday that Counter-Strike 2 might drop on Sep. 27, 2023. It is seen more as an update to the current Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game, one of the most popular esports in the world today. CS is also the title with the most betting handle, per industry sources.

What Betting will be Available with Unikrn from CS2 Release Date?

unikrn has already fostered itself a reputation as one of the best CSGO gambling sites and the fact that they are ready to go from day 1 emphasises this point.

Customers in Brazil and Chile will benefit from Unikrn’s partnership with Gamers Club, the biggest CS:GO server in Latin America.

There is even a Virtual CS:GO option for virtual fans to bet on!

In addition to a wide selection of standard betting markets available on the new title, players will be able to access uMode and be able to bet on their own CS2 skills in ranked matches against other teams.

How Will uMode Work on CS2?

If you haven’t read our Unikrn review and already know a bit about uMode, then essentially this feature allows you to bet on yourself for a number of markets in certain esports.

Of course, CS2 will be one of them and customers will be able to back themselves in ranked matches from the moment the game is released.

unikrn umode cs2

In uMode, players need to work with their team in order to secure the goal of a team victory, but if you have great faith in your own skills then you can place a bet on yourself for a number of different feats in the game. This includes being able to secure a large kill streak in the game, and avoiding being killed by the team.

Obviously, the more difficult the feat is to accomplish against your opponents, the greater the odds offered on that uMode market will be.

There is no doubt that uMode will be a fantastic addition to your esports and Twitch betting when gaming because you can back yourself to be the top dog!

The release of CS2 is going to be huge within the esports community and Unikrn is well placed once again to offer its customers great betting from day one.

What Upgrades Will CS2 Offer Over CSGO?

CSGO is a very old game in computer chronology and so the biggest update is the move to the Source-2 Engine, which will improve the graphics and gameplay bang up to date in terms of the quality of graphics, animation, sound and more.

Zero Ping (Sub-Tick-Updates) are also included as well as improved reactions to smoke, fire and gunfire.

All the weapon skins players have collected in CS:GO will be able to be transferred into their new game. They will also be upgraded thanks to the Source-2 Engine, which could potentially increase their real-terms value.

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