Usain Bolt’s Irish-Based Esports Team Lands WYLDE Sponsorship Deal

Published: Oct 6, 2022 - Last Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Not too long ago, Irish-based esports organisation WYLDE announced that the world record holding Jamaican Sprint Superstar Usain Bolt has become a co-owner of the franchise.

But that wasn’t all the business that the Irish esports company was looking to get done this year and now they have added another huge name as one of their main sponsors, Virgin Media.

The British Telecommunications arm of Richard Branson’s vast Virgin empire will not only serve as WYLDE’s official sponsor, but the company will also play a key role in helping WYLDE set up their first performance centre.

This new development, which will lay down its foundations in the city of Cork, will increase Ireland’s standings as one of the best esports countries in the world today, as well as facilitating WYLDE being able to host their own esports events, as well as get togethers for the organisatiosn various esports teams.

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WYLDE Esports Stars To Front Up Virgin Media Campaign In Ireland

Currently, WYLDE fields team in four different esports games, Rainbow Six: Siege, VALORANT, Rocket League and FIFA and their new performance centre, which will officially be powered by Virgin Media, will allow them the chance to hone their skills together before they head out to compete in more esports tournametns around the world.

The most impressive performance by a WYLDE team was their Rainbow Six team reaching the semi-finals of the Gamers 8 tournament in Saudi Arabia, which boasted a prize pool of $2 million.

That success and the growing awareness of esports in Ireland means that Virgin are going to use a couple of WYLDE”s professional FIFA players to front up a Virgin Media campaign across the contry, showcasing the broadband capabilities of Virgin Media as they play FIFA.

Veteran British actor Brian Cox will be providing the voice over for the commercial which is expected to go live in Ireland very shortly.

“World Class Infrastructure”

The CEO of WYLDE, Steve Daley, was delighted with the announcement of the deal between his organisation and Virgin Media, stating that the “world-class infrastructure” that Virgin Media will provide in order to help his team maximise their potential.

Furthermore, the Vice President of Commercial at Virgin Media, Paul Higgins, revealed that his company was keen to get involved in the fast-emerging esports industry across Ireland.

“Research carried out by Virgin Media shows the remarkable growth of gaming and esports in Ireland,” stated Higgins.

“Our most recent research goes no to show just how prolific gaming is amongst the Irish public with a growing number of gamers looking to play online, highlighting the importance of a fast and reliable internet connection.”

“The WYLDE esports academy…is the first of its kind in Ireland and is an exciting opportunity to help nurtuer and support gaming talent in Ireland.”

With the support of Co-owner Usain Bolt, it means that WYLDE will join the likes of FaZe Clan in having a world famous star as one of their guiding team.

FaZe Clan announced Snoop Dogg as a board member and content creator for the team in March this past year.

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