Valorant 3.07 Patch – Viper and Jett Updates

Published: Oct 6, 2021

The new Valorant patch notes just dropped – introducing 8000 hz polling rate mouse support, new Viper and Jett changes, additional performance and social updates, and fixing a ton of crashes the community reported before.

It’s a fairly minor patch that focuses mostly on fixing and adjusting existing features, rather than implementing new ones. The previous 3.06 Valorant patch was much larger, adding a lot of balance changes into the game, and 3.07 simply adds some new features on top of it.

Changes to Viper and Jett

Image Credits | Riot Games

The biggest changes in this patch revolve around these two popular agents. Jett has been the strongest Duelist since the release of Valorant, and she only got nerfed in the previous patch. The Valorant team changed the way her Blade Storm ultimate worked and reduced the number of her Cloudburst charges from 3 to 2.

The 3.07 doesn’t change much in that regard, but simply adds an additional change to her Blade Storm ability, where it will now recharge a kunai upon killing a training dummy or defusing a practice bot.

Viper’s wall received a significant change. First of all, the instant decay will now correctly apply to high-flying agents passing through the highest part of Viper’s wall. And second, the visuals of Viper’s smoke have been updated. The inside part of the smoke will have the matching visuals of the outside part, making peeking from within the smoke less effective.

Performance Updates

One of the biggest performance updates of this patch is certainly the addition of the new “Raw Input Buffer” setting. It’s still in beta, but players can enable it in case they want to test any of its features.

The main selling point of the feature is the improved performance with standard input devices and gaming mice. One particular gaming mouse type received a major performance boost with this setting, and that’s the 8000 hz polling rate mouse.

Still, this won’t really affect the majority of the player base as the mouse is still something relatively new to the gaming community, and there are much more reliable alternatives with a lower polling rate. Nonetheless, the overall performance increase of this setting is still great.

Image Credits | Riot Games

Social Updates and Bug Fixes

In terms of social updates, patch 3.07 addresses the Deathmatch mode and removes all penalties for leaving Deathmatch early. Additionally, full game participation is now required in order to earn XP.

And lastly, we have the bug fixes. Nothing serious here, just a simple fix for a cursor bug when editing text in the Report A Player menu, and also a game system fix for the Team Ace bug.

Overall, the 3.07 Valorant patch is alright. It won’t impact the game too much nor should it affect the competitive Valorant Champions Tour in any way, but all the changes listed here are still very much welcome.

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