Riot Unveils Valorant Esports Plan for 2023

Published: Apr 29, 2022

Riot Games have evolved from being known as the developers behind LoL, into a global leader that not only boasts one of the best MOBA games on the market, League of Legends, but is also leading the charge in the first-person genre, too. Valorant is the fastest growing esports scene of today, and Riot Games want to capitalize on that growth and take it a step further.

The company has just revealed their ambitious plans for Valorant esports in 2023 and shed some light on the new and improved esports format.

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Becoming the Number One FPS in the World

This is exactly what Riot has in mind. They wish to make Valorant the number one first-person shooter in the world and they’re taking the appropriate steps to get there.

There’s a few key aspects of this new and improved esports plan in Valorant 2023:

  • Deep connection to the in-game competitive experience
  • Expanded domestic and Game Changers leagues
  • Brand new premier-level international leagues
  • Global events that raise the bar

Connecting to their wider player audience and getting them directly involved into the esports scene is a massive step into the right direction. On top of that, they already plan on expanding their existing leagues, while also introducing new ones into the mix. All of this sounds too good, but how will it work? Let’s dive a bit further and see for ourselves.

Path to Pro

Riot have already stated their desire to establish a deep connection with the in-game competitive experience, and here’s how they’ll do it. They will release a new in-game competitive mode where the players will be able to experience how it’s like to play like a pro. The top ranked players in this mode will have a chance to qualify for their domestic leagues and have a realistic shot at becoming real pros.

Just like ranked mode, every player will have access to this new in-game competitive mode and will be able to work towards achieving their dreams.

Also, as a part of this initiative, Riot plans to introduce new ways for fans to support and celebrate their favourite Valorant teams. They’ll release more information about these systems later this year.

Image Credits | Riot Games

Even More Tournaments!

The second season of Valorant Champions Tour is already a massive improvement over the previous iteration as the overall format is much more condensed and there’s simply way more matches than last year. And even though the tournament has just entered its second stage, Riot Games are already planning on expanding their Valorant esports ecosystem even further.

Next year, they plan to introduce premier-level leagues for the top Valorant teams in the world. These leagues will be weekly competitions scheduled between global events. This means there will be non-stop Valorant action all year round!

The teams competing in these tournaments will become long-term partners of the VALORANT esports and enjoy some special perks.

New Team Partnerships

Riot already has a partnership model for League of Legends esports in the form of League Championship Series, and they’ve been working on it since 2017. They wish to do the same thing with Valorant esports.

They’ll begin a team application process for all the top esports organisations who share Riot’s vision. Together, they plan on building an ecosystem that will contribute to the long-term growth of Valorant esports. The teams and players that end up in this new partnership will enjoy larger salaries, as well as an improved support system to help them on their journey.

Exciting Times Ahead

Valorant was already thriving, but once this new format kicks in, it’ll skyrocket even further. Everyone benefits from this new Valorant esports plan. More tournaments, better partnership deals, plenty of Valorant actions to keep the fans happy, and a chance for the average player to get the chance to experience professional Valorant. It almost seems too good to be true.

One thing’s certain – they’re definitely heading in the right direction and the fans love it! We’ll see how all of this will look once Riot unveils more details later in the year. For now, we’re simply happy to know they’re working on it.

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