Valorant NA LCQ Paused Once Again

Published: Oct 27, 2021

Riot Games really can’t catch a break lately as they’ve been struggling with the NA region’s Last Chance Qualifier event. It’s as if the event was cursed from the very beginning.

Not only was Riot forced to cut the two Oceanic teams out of the event due to issues with travel arrangements, but shortly after they were forced to pause the whole tournament since several players tested false positive for Covid-19.

And just when the event finally resumed, disaster struck again as a storm-related power outage forced Riot to pause the match between Rise and Cloud9 Blue. The teams will play the match later today, and hopefully there won’t be any issues this time.

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The Cursed Tournament

The VCT NA LCQ has become somewhat of a meme in the Valorant community. The fans are cracking jokes at the expense of Riot and many have started calling the NA LCQ a cursed tournament. It’s a fitting name considering all the reoccurring issues that have been plaguing it so far.

At this point, a tornado could roll through the middle of the main stage and nobody would be surprised. But all jokes aside, this has been a pretty unfortunate chain of events for Riot Games.

If nothing else happens, the event should conclude on October 31st. As soon as the match between Rise and Cloud9 Blue is finished, the rest of the matchups will follow as was originally scheduled.

Supamen’s Power Was Out

Yesterday’s Valorant Champions Tour: NA LCQ quarterfinals concluded with C9 Blue taking a clean 2-0 victory against Version1, and Rise also pulled through by defeating FaZe with 2-1. Both teams were considered as underdogs in their matchups, so it was a pleasant surprise to see both of them win in the upper bracket.

At the same time, the lower bracket just became much more dangerous for XSET as they’ll be facing either FaZe or Version1 next.

In the upper bracket, Rise and C9 Blue were supposed to play the last semifinal match but were interrupted because Rise’s Supamen had an unexpected power outage . Supamen expressed his frustrations on Twitter.

“Game is rescheduled for tomorrow at noon pst. Sorry everyone for the inconvenience, punched the air about a thousand times.”

The match should continue today, on October 28th, at 21:00 CEST. The rest of the lower bracket matches will also resume as soon as the semifinals are done.

Can 100 Thieves Win

The NA squad, 100 Thieves, are the only team currently sitting in the upper bracket final. They’re waiting for the second winner of the NA LCQ semifinals, which will either be Rise or C9 Blue.

The 100 Thieves lineup boasts some of the best Valorant players in NA, and they have Asuna who is probably one of the strongest carries in the entire Valorant esports. Still, the recent performance from Rise and C9 Blue shows that both teams have come a long way and that’s something that 100 Thieves should certainly respect.

If 100 Thieves win, they’ll head straight into the grand finals where they’ll be one step away from securing a spot in the Valorant Champions. The upper bracket final is scheduled for October 30th, so make sure not to miss it.

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