Valorant Patch 2.08 – New Map Breeze, Coaching Slots, and Much More!

Posted on April 29, 2021

Valorant just keeps getting better and better with every new update, and so does the hype surrounding it. Riot Games have just released another great patch that introduces a brand new map called Breeze, adds a ton of game system updates such as Coach slots, and brings a lot of quality of life changes as well.

The 2.08 patch also fixes some of the bugs and adds the new Reporter Feedback function into the game, which essentially notifies you if the person you reported got sanctioned. If you’ve played their other hit game, League of Legends, you’ll know that they’ll have a lot more of these coming our way in the future.

Valorant Patch 2.08 Highlights
Image Credits | Riot Games

Let’s start off by checking out the new Breeze map and seeing what secrets are hidden away in it. Follow us for more news, reviews, and Valorant betting tips.

Breeze – the new Caribbean getaway

The main highlight of the Valorant 2.08 patch is the new Breeze map, and right off the bat we can see that it looks breathtaking. Visually stunning, it’s a breath of fresh air and in complete contrast to the 5 existing maps that we’ve already grown accustomed to.

Aside from the looks, what’s different with this map is the amount of open space without cover, especially in the beach area. This map will favor control-heavy teams, and it will be interesting to see how the professional Valorant teams will adapt to it, and to what degree it might influence team compositions and Agent picks on Breeze.

Valorant Map Breeze
Image Credits | Riot Games

For the next two weeks, Breeze will not be available in ranked matches, but will instead be limited to Breeze-only unrated queue. This will give players ample time to test the map and develop tactics for it so that when it finally goes live, players will be ready for it.

Coaching Slots

Valorant coaches are also getting some love in this patch with this new game system update. Although this feature is a work in progress and thus has limited functionalities, it’s a great start.

Coaches will be able to spectate Tournament Mode games, and only teams they chose to spectate during the game lobby. They can chat via All Chat and Party Chat, and in certain cases pause the matches, but they won’t be able to use Map Pings, Team Chat, or Voice Chats for now.

This is just the first step and Riot Games plan on adding more functionalities for coaches, as was stated in their patch notes:

“We’re very excited to introduce Coach slots to Tournament Mode games! This is only the beginning of our work on coaches, and while functionality will be limited to start, we have plans to expand the capabilities available to coaches during a match. We look forward to evolving the role of coaches and working on this feature in partnership with coaches from the VCT ecosystem.”

This is certainly a great step in the right direction, and we’re looking forward to seeing what they’ll come up with next.

Reporter Feedback

This is the new social update that was introduced in the 2.08 patch, and it’s called Reporter Feedback.

We’ve all had situations where someone was intentionally feeding, or making your match more difficult than it had to be by acting in unsportsmanlike conduct. You’d usually report the player and wonder if your report meant anything in the long run.

With this new feature, every time you make a report you’ll be notified and thanked for reporting the disruptive player. Also, first-offenders will now get a warning message.

Hopefully, this new change makes a difference and makes Valorant a better place for everyone.

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