Valorant Patch 3.08 Bugs – Jett Has Been Fixed

Published: Oct 26, 2021

It has become common to expect bugs with every new update in games nowadays. The developers, in an effort to improve the game, always somehow end up breaking something else in the process. However, these bugs usually get resolved with a simple hotfix or in an upcoming patch, so things quickly get back to normal.

But what do you do when you release a minor patch and somehow break the most popular agent in Valorant? This has happened with Valorant’s patch 3.08, where Riot introduced several smaller changes and unintentionally bugged out Jett, who is the most popular Duelist agent in the game. It was a real roller coaster, but Riot finally calmed the situation down by fixing the agent within the same week.

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Don’t Mess With Jett

So what exactly happened after Valorant patch 3.08 hit the game, and how did it come to this in the first place?

Well, among some other minor bugs that surfaced after 3.08 went live, players quickly noticed how Jett felt completely off and immediately assumed that Riot had stealth nerfed the most popular agent. Jett has been in the spotlight from the very beginning of the game and many were expecting the nerf hammer to slam any moment.

Jett’s Tailwind and Updraft abilities were affected, causing the agent to feel very clunky to play. Updraft cost more than it used to, and weapon equip after using Tailwind was longer than intended. So the two mobility abilities that made Jett so popular were suddenly not working properly, and the community went berserk.

The bug was acknowledged by Riot and fixed after nearly a week, but the fact this occurred in the first place made a lot of players ask questions. Could this have been an honest mistake, or was this Riot testing the waters in order to prepare for a real nerf patch. It seemed too convenient and too specific to be a coincidence. But at the end of the day, the bug was fixed and everything’s back to normal…for now.

Other Bugs in Patch 3.08

The news of Jett being bugged gained all the attention, but players have been reporting many other issues post-patch that are not being talked about.

There’s a massive megathread on the Valorant reddit where players continue submitting bugs daily. The problems range from skill animation issues, to an unusually high ping, and even mouse problems where some players report their mouse cursor freezing while in a map. As you can imagine, some of these are absolutely game-breaking when you’re playing a competitive first-person shooter.

Also, it’s kind of hilarious that Valorant released a patch that fixed several bugs but added a ton of new ones at the same time. But this is the reality of games today, and we’re lucky that Riot is at least quick to acknowledge their mistakes and fix them.

Image Credits | Riot Games

Will Riot Still Nerf Jett?

Although the Jett bug is fixed and players can finally breathe a sigh of relief, there’s still a sense of unease when it comes to Jett’s current state in the game. A duelist agent that has dominated Valorant esports throughout the entire duration of Valorant Champions Tour does sound like something that’s too good to be true.

Other games usually take a much harsher approach when it comes to balancing, and if this was Blizzard, Jett would have probably been nerfed to the ground a long time ago. Riot is much better at handling such situations and they are careful not to upset their players.

Still, we might see a nerf to Jett after Valorant Champions Tour is over. It would give Riot an excuse to tone down the agent given how the potential meta shift wouldn’t impact their biggest tournament. But there’s also a possibility that they’ll buff other duelists and bring them on par with Jett – so it would be a win-win situation.

This is just speculation and we won’t know for sure until Riot unveils their bigger plans for the next year.

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