Valorant Patch 3.08 – Bug Fixes and Hidden Account Levels

Published: Oct 21, 2021

Here comes another quick and easy Valorant patch that focuses on some quality of life changes. As Riot puts it, “No Agents were harmed in the making of Patch 3.08”, so you can rest easy as none of your favourite agents are getting nerfed this time.

The new 3.08 Valorant patch introduces the ability to hide your account level from other players, the option to equip any skill level, and several other features that we’ll take a look at in this article.

Report Feedback

In some recent news, Riot unveiled some of their anti-cheat plans, where the mentioned the report rates being at an all-time low. This time, they’ve re-emphasized that by enhancing the report feedback function.

Image Credits | Riot Games

Now, you’ll receive a notification whenever Riot takes action on certain accounts that you previously reported. You’ll receive the notification whether you’re in game or not, so don’t worry.

This will make players feel like they’re actively contributing towards making Valorant a safer place for everyone.

Hide Account Level

As a part of a progression update, Riot is rolling out a new feature where players will be able to hide their account level when playing in a match with people who aren’t a part of your friends list.
Additionally, any account level border that was unlocked previously, you will now be able to equip.

The ability to change your account level is a nice addition to the game as it allows players to retain a bit of their account privacy while playing with others. This is completely optional, and players can always check or uncheck this option.

Valorant Skins

One of the new changes is the change to equippable skin levels. Now, players will be able to equip any skin level. The only exception are the variants, which will always default to the max skin level.

And speaking of skins – weapon skins will now appear correctly in-game. Previously, you might have experienced some weird behaviour with skins. All those bugs should now be fixed.

Image Credits | Riot Games

Increased Performance

Riot continues polishing the game and adding more and more small improvements in terms of game performance. This time, they’ve included several new tweaks that should impact the overall performance.

Esports Updates

Riot is slowly adding more features for coaches and improving Valorant esports with each new update. Coaches will now be able to swap to players with keybinds.

Additionally, a coach will also see a small visual clue on the top player HUD which will show who they’re spectating.

And lastly, coaches will now inherit the setting to see player keybindings on the minimap.

New Agent Kayo
Image Credits | Riot Games

Valorant Continues to Improve

Riot’s dedication to Valorant is commendable. Although they don’t release weekly balance patches, nor does the community really expect them to go that far, they do, however, maintain consistency by continuously adding small tweaks here and there.

The game is not perfect by any means, but Riot does a great job at fixing what’s broken and introducing new quality of life changes from time to time.

This patch is relatively small, but includes some nice changes that many will find refreshing. Of course, we’d all like more of those bigger patches with huge agent updates, but having these smaller patches to fill in the gaps while waiting is also quite nice.

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