Valorant Roster Changes for VCT North America Stage 2

Published: Mar 27, 2021 - Last Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Now that Stage 1 Masters have concluded, and VCT Stage 2 is on the horizon, many Valorant teams have decided to use this time gap to patch up their rosters. There’s just one quick tournament before we jump into Valorant Champions Tour again, and that’s this month’s Nerd Street Gamers Monthly event.

Andbox and Built By Gamers have already announced changes for this upcoming tournament, and so did Dignitas and eUnited. The teams will use this opportunity to test out their rosters and make sure everything is running smoothly for the upcoming VCT Stage 2.

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Built By Gamers roster swap, pho and rob-wiz are benched

Built By Gamers are looking for a new start with a fresh new roster swap. The organisation announced their new lineup for the upcoming Nerd Street Gamers Monthly, replacing Mike “pho” Panza and Rob “rob-wiz” Kennedy for Jake “POACH” Brumleve and Raymond “Rarkar” Xu respectively.

Pho has been allowed to entertain offers from other teams and is currently inactive, but this is just a polite way of saying that he’ll be looking for a new home now.

His teammate, rob-wiz, released no public statement, but he did show support for his friend and colleague:

“Vouching for pho – great person and teammate, any top team would be lucky to have him, works hard and will do a lot for your team outside of just fragging – love u pho.”

We hope Build By Gamers find their groove with the new setup and wish pho and rob-wiz best of luck and we can’t wait to see who’ll pick them up next.

Andbox’s Rebo is out, C9’s vice is in

Andbox has announced the new lineup featuring vice and mada, and while that’s great news for Adam “mada” Pampuch who has finally joined the team officially, it does mean that it’s the end of the road for Christopher “Rebo” Heindel. Nothing has been announced yet, and Rebo is still a part of Andbox, but he won’t be participating in the NSG Monthly.

Dignitas looking for a replacement for psalm

Dignitas will be playing in the NSG Monthly, but they haven’t actually announced any roster changes for this event. However, word on the street is that the company is looking for a replacement for Harrison “psalm” Chang and some fingers are pointing towards Zander “Fiend” Bates.

Fiend is an ex-Moon Raccoons professional player, and he’s been exploring offers as a free agent since January. There’s a good chance negotiations are taking place behind closed doors, but we might know more after the NSG Monthly event is over.

eUnited release Eazy, fiziq takes his place

The American esports organisation eUnited have made some roster changes. The former Luminosity player, Lucas “fiziq” Blow, has joined the team and will be replacing Ryan “Eazy” Matthews.

Eazy was with the organisation for more than two months, but it seems things didn’t work out and they’ll be parting ways.

Although this is the end of Eazy’s journey with eUnited, in many other ways it’s just a beginning. We’re sure there’ll be many esports organizations jumping at the chance to sign this young and talented Valorant pro very soon.

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