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Fade – The New Valorant Agent

Riot is well-known for leaving little clues for the community to analyse prior to the release of their Valorant agents. This…

VCT Stage 1 Masters: LOUD and OpTiC Advance to the Final

So much has happened in Reykjavík over the past few days and there’s a lot to cover. We’re already at the…

100 Thieves Reveal New Valorant Roster

Just a few days after Hiko’s retirement from competitive Valorant, 100 Thieves dropped another announcement and revealed a fully revamped Valorant…

VCT Stage 1 Masters: G2 Esports and LOUD Move Into Semifinals

The action in Reykjavík continues as the teams prepare to climb the Playoff bracket. The group stage has concluded, and we…

Hiko Retires From Professional Valorant

VCT Stage 1 Masters: Fnatic is Out; DRX Secures Playoffs

VCT Stage 1 Masters: Team Liquid Secures Reykjavík Playoff Spot

VCT EMEA Challengers Promotion: BIG is One Step Away from Challengers 2

DAMWON Gaming Signs Bangnan

TSM to Sign Seven and gMd

NiP Secures Final Spot at Masters Reykjavík