Valve Reveals Winter Lineage Fantasy Treasure

Published: Feb 13, 2022

Valve has released new content for Dota 2, called the Winter Lineage Fantasy Treasure. It features new rewards and seven new skins re-themed for the DPC season.

Winter Lineage Fantasy Treasure

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The Winter Lineage Fantasy Treasure reminds the strategic excellence that players can display during the DPC season. Each of the seven skins is re-themed to commemorate the DPC season, and players will receive one of the treasures for every three levels they’ve earned.

This was released in a patch on February 9, 2022, on Dota 2’s official site. The DPC Winter Tour Fantasy Dota was also recently updated to include two weeks of competition. With the new Quick-access menu, players can now interact with the DPC much faster.

The Winter Lineage Treasure is set to provide rewards to players who are dedicated to Fantasy Play. With The Regionals in sight special content has been released to ensure players remain excited all through the DPC Season. This special content is sure to positively impact the esports scene, and Dota 2 betting.

Why Gamers Should Be Excited

The Regional Finals will also be held in South America, Southeast Asia, and Europe from February 11 to 13. The event will then be stored in North America, Eastern Europe, and China within February 18 and 20.

Each time a player earns three Fantasy Levels, they will claim a treasure. Aside from having a few more Fantasy Levels, players will also make more during the next few days.

The Winter Lineage Fantasy League will provide several rewards for esports betting on Dota 2 matches. Aside from being able to predict the results of the Regional Finals, players will also receive multiple Fantasy levels for the top percent of performers. Fantasy players can prove their Fantasy Prowess and earn amazing rewards. These rewards have been increased to:

This new content has set the stage for Dota 2 players and spectators to have fun alongside enjoying the thrill of the competitive matches during the Regionals

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