VCT Americas Stage 2 Betting Insights – A Stacked Region

Published: Jun 22, 2024 - Last Updated: Jun 23, 2024

For the longest time, the Americas region has been accused of being a “one-team region” but that all changes with VCT Americas Stage 2. With so many changes and storylines to consider, the region is as competitive as its ever been. In this featured article, we’re looking at odds, team ratings and roster changes worth knowing about for your VCT Americas Stage 2 betting.

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VCT Americas Stage 2 – Outright Betting Odds

Kicking things off, a fantastic way to rank the competition according to their likelihood of winning is through outright odds. Using the opinions and analyses from esports bookmakers, the top teams are ranked, with the best teams given the best chance of winning via VALORANT odds.

Here’s a look at the VCT Americas Stage 2 outright odds ahead of the competition kicking off:

TeamGG.Bet Outright Odds
100 Thieves+200
Leviatan Esports+250
G2 Esports+300
KRU Esports+2000
Evil Geniuses+2900
FURIA Esports+6900

Odds accessed 21/06/24, liable to change. 

So, that’s the opinion of the esports bookmakers – but do we agree with them?

NRG – A Hot Mess?

VCT Americas Stage 2 Betting Insights - A Stacked Region
Image Credits: Riot Games

A leading storyline heading into this next split is the narrative surrounding NRG.

As one of the region’s most successful organisations, the team disappointed massively when they placed last in Group A in Stage 1, missing out on VCT Masters Shanghai.

Packing an indisputably talented roster, the community and the team weren’t happy – we all know what happens next.

Indeed, the team was overhauled and is bringing back two veteran in “FNS” and “s0m”, streamers who formerly helped the organization achieve international results. This change involves benching the likes of “Demon1” (VCT Champions MVP) and “Marved”.

In our opinion, the team has improved sure, but can they catch up to other rosters in the region? We’d argue that the likes of Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses could possibly get the better of them, resulting in a rough finish for NRG this season.

LOUD Reuniting

Although LOUD managed to make it to the Playoffs in Stage 1, they underperformed severely and finished 6th in the region. As one of the most dominant teams in the world, this was not acceptable.

Beyond the weird compositions they chose to run, it seems that the main issue was their new signing “qck”. Failing to fill the shoes of the prolific “aspas”, the team decided to swap him out for a familiar face – “pANcada” from Sentinels.

As a former player for the organization, who won them an international VALORANT Champions, we’re very keen on this team thanks to the leadership of “Saadhak” and the incredible teamwork this team has demonstrated in the past.

In our opinion, esports betting bookmakers underestimate this team for Stage 2.

Sentinels Rested

best valorant players
Image Credits: Riot Games

After starting the season with a bang, winning the first regional and international competition, Sentinels barely missed out on the VCT Stage 1 Americas Playoffs.

With such an immediate fall from grace, nobody doubted their potential but there were concerns regarding consistency and burnout.

Now that they’ve had a month to rest, these concerns are gone and replaced with reminders of their fantastic team play and stellar pieces such as their star duelist “zekken”.

Apart from just resting, Sentinels have had the time to prepare for Patch 8.11 – we expect cutting-edge strategies from this team which right now, seems underrated according to esports odds.

100 Thieves – Clear Favourites

We don’t have much to talk about when it comes to 100 Thieves.

In our opinion, they remain the clear favourite for VCT Americas and are in a great spot to claim the spot for VALORANT Champions. Sure, their finish at VCT Shanghai Masters was disappointing, but the team has learned loads from this experience – the organization’s best performance ever.

The only concern for this team is that no opponent will likely play them on Bind, their best map, ever again. Indeed, they’ll have to improve their other maps to stay on time.

Leviatan – Over-Rated?

best VALORANT teams leviatan
Image Credits: Riot Games

Esports bookmakers have ranked Leviatan incredibly well, placing them in the top 3.

However, this is likely inflated due to their early performance at VCT Americas Stage 1. After finishing 4-1 in Group Omega, they only went on to beat KRU Esports to clinch the third place spot for VCT Shanghai.

In the international tournament, they only won a single match against a weak T1. We’re not too sold on this team and would rate them as a middle-of-the-pack team instead of a favourite according to esports betting sites.

G2 Esports and the Mid-Tier

The other team worth talking about is G2 Esports.

Against all odds, this team from Challengers has risen to the region’s top, earned a spot at an international tournament and finished third overall.

Beating the likes of Paper Rex and Team Heretics, this team has proven a lot of haters wrong and will be full of confidence at this Stage, likely making them the second favourite overall.

With regards to the mid-tier, several teams are battling for middle placings, namely Cloud9, Evil Geniuses, KRU Esports. All of these rosters pack respectable firepower and could upset any of the top teams on the right day, with the right approach.

Meanwhile, FURIA Esports and MIBR are clearly the 9th and 10th seeds for this region.

VCT Americas Betting – So Many Surprises

Without acknowledging any other factors, this region offers tight matches and immersive storylines. Do note that there are also the following factors which contribute to the Stage outcomes:

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