VCT Americas League Playoffs 2023 Betting Preview: Odds & Predictions

Published: May 25, 2023

Respected as one of the most popular regions in the VALORANT Champions Tour, the VCT Americas League Playoffs are here. Accordingly, with the highest stakes so far this season, we’ve gathered all of the necessary betting information in this VCT Americas League Playoffs 2023 betting preview!

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VCT Americas League Playoffs: Outright Odds

For those uanware, outright odds are a simple and beloved betting market in esports. Apart from providing insight into how the competition stacks up, it’s a simple betting market to consider.

Bearing this in mind, we’ve listed outright odds for the VCT Americas League Playoffs below:

TeamOutright Odds
Leviatan Esports8.5
FURIA Esports15.0
Evil Geniuses25.0

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Format and Schedule

After an extensive regular season, with 8 weeks of competition, the VCT Americas League Playoffs will take place between 1st April and 28th May.

Hosted offline at the Riot Games Arena in Los Angeles, only the top 6 teams from the Regular Season earned their spot after a round robin of BO3 matches with the following records:

  1. LOUD (8-1)
  2. Cloud9 (8-1)
  3. NRG (6-3)
  4. Leviatan (4-5)
  5. FURIA Esports (4-5)
  6. Evil Geniuses (4-5)

Moreover, after earning a spot in the top 6, teams will now compete in a double elimination bracket ripe for esports betting. With every team starting in the Upper Bracket, some teams have an advantage over others thanks to a better seed:

  • Top 2 – Upper Bracket Semifinals
  • 3-6th – Upper Bracket Quarterfinals

Beyond a simple prize, the main stakes at hand are the qualification seeds for future VALORANT tournaments. Here are the seeds that teams can earn for the future:

  • 1-3rd – VALORANT Champions + VALORANT Masters
  • 4-6th – LCQ

At this point in time, only the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals and Semifinals matches have been settled on the schedule – here’s a quick look at the matches:

Lower Bracket Quarterfinals

  • NRG vs FURIA Esports – 25/05/23 – (22:00 CEST)
  • Cloud9 vs Leviatan – 26/05/23 – (02:00 CEST)

Upper Bracket Final

  • LOUD vs Evil Geniuses – 26/05/23 – (22:00 CEST)

VCT Americas League Playoffs: Quarterfinals Betting Insights

Leviatan vs Cloud9

VCT Americas League Playoffs

Losing out in their regional rivalry against FURIA Esports, Leviatan are now going up against the second best team from the VCT Americas League.

Despite this, Evil Geniuses managed to destroy Cloud9 in 2-0 fashion. However, the VALORANT odds look to favour the regular season team which managed to beat Leviatan the last time these two teams met.

Again, although Cloud9 are favoured, they are definitely beatable here.

  • Predictions: Leviatan (1-2) Cloud9
  • Odds: Leviatan Outright Win (2.68), Cloud9 Outright Win (1.46)
  • Betting Site: GG.Bet

NRG vs FURIA Esports

Just like nobody expected Cloud9 to be in the Lower Bracket Quarterfinals, NRG are also in a similar situation after losing out to Evil Geniuses.

Although FURIA Esports are definitely a strong team, many would not consider them to be the favourite in this match-up. Starting with esports betting sites, the veteran experience at the core of this NRG team is favoured in this match-up.

Otherwise, the last time these teams matched up, NRG won, but only after losing a map.

  • Predictions: NRG (2-1) FURIA Esports
  • Odds: NRG Outright Win (1.57), FURIA Esports Outright Win (2.37)
  • Betting Site: GG.Bet

LOUD vs Evil Geniuses

David vs Goliath – that’s what this match feels like.

Evil Geniuses, the team that barely made it into the Playoffs thanks to a better map difference than Sentinels, are going up against LOUD.

Moreover, EG have managed to surprise twice, taking down both NRG and Cloud9. 

However, LOUD is likely where this train stops – this world champion roster which is favoured to win the entire thing.

While LOUD are favoured, anything could happen if EG continue surprising. 

  • Predictions: LOUD (2-1) Evil Geniuses
  • Odds: LOUD Outright Win (1.26), Evil Geniuses Outright Win (3.78)
  • Betting Site: GG.Bet
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