VCT Americas League Week 4 Betting Preview: Odds & Predictions

Published: Apr 19, 2023

With eight whole weeks of competition to look forward to, the VCT Americas League regular season is halfway there. Accordingly, with more matches to look forward, we have a super week of competition incoming – read on for your VCT Americas League Week 4 betting preview!

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VCT Americas League Week 4 Betting Preview

Hosted offline since the 1st of April, the regular season will run up until 20th May. Moreover, a single round robin format means that each team plays one another once in BO3 matches.

Featuring the 10 best VALORANT teams in Americas, the stakes at hand imply that only the top 6 teams will be advancing to the Playoffs. It’s at the Playoffs that teams will earn seeds to the Masters and Champions events!

Heading into Week 4 the matches continue with an insane number of matches. Accordingly, the ‘Super Week’ will feature a total of 10 matches over five whole days!

Below we’ve selected three esports betting opportunities:

21st April

  • LOUD vs Sentinels (21:00 CEST)

222nd April

  • Leviatan Esports vs MIBR (00:00 CEST)

23rd April

  • NRG vs Cloud9 (21:00 CEST)

In order to preview each match, we’ve sourced our esports betting odds thanks to GG.Bet. As one of the top esports betting platforms, we’ve also taken the time to evaluate the platform in our GG.Bet review.

VCT EMEA League Week 3 – Odds and Predictions

LOUD vs Sentinels

Sure, the VALORANT odds do favour LOUD in this match-up, and for good reason. Indeed, while LOUD are undefeated in this league so far, Sentinels are currently 1-2.

However, there’s a fantastic storyline here – where the Brazilian duo on Sentinels are former players for LOUD, having won the World Championship with them.

Now facing their former teammates, this is an awesome betting opportunity for that reason alone despite Sentinels’ looking a little weak up to this point in the competition.

  • Predictions: LOUD (2-1) Sentinels
  • Odds: LOUD Outright Win (1.11), Sentinels Outright Win (5.91)
  • Betting Site: GG.Bet
VCT Americas Week 4 Betting Preview
Image Credits: Riot Games

Leviatan vs MIBR

For those unaware, the Americas League has been dominated by South American teams, making up four of the top five teams.

Two teams who are part of this group are Leviatan and MIBR, very evenly matched teams. Yet, although both teams may have similar records, Leviatan remain favoured to the experience of their roster internationally.

That being said, MIBR has every chance to climb the ladder here especially considering their recent improvements to earn them their spot in the leaderboard.

  • Predictions: Leviatan (2-1) MIBR
  • Odds: Leviatan Outright Win (1.35), MIBR Outright Win (3.04)
  • Betting Site: GG.Bet

NRG vs Cloud9

Our third pick is a showdown between two North American teams. Although Cloud9 are currently 2-1, two of their wins came against other North American teams.

Meanwhile, NRG have faced some tough opponents such as Leviatan and MIBR. Anyways, while Cloud9 may be higher on the scoreboard, NRG’s experienced roster looks to outperform them in this local rivalry.

Another loss here could be devastating for NRG and their hopes to make it to the Playoffs stage and to future VALORANT tournaments.

  • Predictions: NRG (2-1) Cloud9
  • Odds: NRG Outright Win (1.69), Cloud9 Outright Win (2.09)
  • Betting Site: GG.Bet
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