VCT Masters Copenhagen – KRÜ and Guild Moving to the Winner’s Match

Published: Jul 11, 2022 - Last Updated: Jul 11, 2023

The action in VCT Masters Copenhagen kicked off yesterday, and we already witnessed some unexpected surprises in the first opening matches.

KRÜ Esports and Guild Esports both secured their first victories in group A and will battle each other in the Winner’s Match that’s soon to follow. DRX also scored a convincing 2-0 win against the Japanese Northeption, establishing an early lead in group B. The second winner of group B will be decided later today, in the match between FunPlus Phoenix and XERXIA.

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Day 1 Results

After DRX swiftly dealt with Northeption, taking two clean maps and wrapping things up in a timely fashion, it was group A’s turn.

The first match on the schedule was between the Brazilian powerhouse, LOUD, and the Argentinian wonder, KRÜ Esports. Given how OpTiC was about to play against Guild Esports right after, the match between KRÜ and LOUD was considered to be more of a prelude by many fans. However, neither team disappointed and they gave us one hell of a spectacle.

LOUD was the first team to win the map on Fracture, but they had to work for it. KRÜ were at their tails the whole time and didn’t let LOUD move too far ahead with their lead. The next two maps played out in a similar fashion, only this time it was KRÜ that took the reins and turned things around, winning both Haven and Icebox. The final score was 2-1 for KRÜ.

The most anticipated match between OpTiC and Guild Esports came last. The long-time EU vs. NA rivalry was still there, and both teams were eager to win here.

Despite OpTiC’s best attempts to swing the tide of battle, it was no use. Guild Esports remained cool, calm and collected and took both maps with ease. OpTiC did manage to take Split into overtime, but couldn’t really finish the job.

What’s Coming Next?

If you’re looking to do some Valorant betting, you’re in luck. There’s two amazing VCT Masters matches coming your way, and we’ll discuss both of them right here and right now.

Image Credits | Riot Games

KRÜ Esports vs Guild Esports

The match between these two teams will be one that you don’t want to miss, and here’s why. Not only are both teams battling for the Playoff slot, but both of them also want to avoid the Decider Match where they could potentially meet an angry OpTiC squad and risk elimination.

Guild Esports are heavily favoured in this match, which is also reflected in the official GG.Bet esports odds. Guild Esports were given 1.32 odds to win, while KRÜ got 2.92 odds in this match. A significant difference.

If you want to play it safe and still get a nice chunk back, you’ll go for Guild Esports here. They just beat OpTiC Gaming, probably the best North American team right now, so they’re in top form.

However, if you’re fond of taking high risks for high payouts, you should consider KRÜ as they have the potential to cause another upset here and go straight to the Playoffs.

FunPlus Phoenix vs XERXIA

Group B’s second opening match will also be a real showdown. FunPlus Phoenix will be battling XERXIA for the second Winners’ Match slot, where DRX awaits.

In terms of esports betting, the clear favourite here is FunPlus Phoenix. Their esports odds on GG.Bet are currently sitting at 1.48, which sounds about right. FunPlus Phoenix is an EMEA giant that should have this match in the bag, but they must not underestimate XERXIA as that could easily be their downfall.

You’ll probably remember how XERXIA pulled off a 2-0 win against OpTiC in the VCT 2022 Stage 1 Masters in Reykjavík, establishing an early lead in group B. This could also happen here, if FunPlus Phoenix are not cautious enough.

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