VCT EMEA Challengers 1 – Week 5 Results

Published: Mar 15, 2022

The EMEA Valorant region suffered some delays due to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, and the overall group stage schedule was pushed back. We had a very brief week 4 with just three matches, while week 5 had ten in total.

Group B is pretty much a done deal by this point, but there’s still a match between Fnatic and Guild Esports in week 6, which will decide the winner of this group.

We have a completely different situation in group A, though. FunPlus Phoenix and Team Liquid are leading the charge with 3 wins, while Natus Vincere and LDN UTD are trailing close behind. Gambit Esports, or M3 Champions as they’re currently known, are sitting at the 5th spot. Don’t worry, they’ll play an additional three matches in week 6 and will potentially skyrocket back to the top.

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SuperMassive Blaze and BIG Heading to VCT Promotion

We’re starting things off with the two worst-performing teams in the first VCT EMEA Challengers.

BIG started things off on the wrong foot in the first two weeks, immediately going 0 – 2 and placing last in the group A. Week 5 was supposed to be the moment where they would redeem themselves as they played two matches here – one versus Natus Vincere, and another versus Team Liquid. However, they lost both.

The match against Natus Vincere was a bit closer and BIG actually had a pretty good shot at closing the match on Bind, but sadly for them, Natus Vincere pulled through in the overtime and mounted a comeback on Ascent. Four total losses and zero wins earned them the last spot in group A. Hopefully they’ll recover in the VCT Promotion.

SuperMassive Blaze is another team we’ll mention here. They went 0 – 5 in group B and left the group stage empty-handed. They got obliterated by Fnatic and Guild Esports in week 5 and didn’t really show much.

Acend’s Fall From Grace

Acend was also one of the biggest surprises of week 5. What was initially imagined as an easy ride to the top, soon turned to nightmare for the current Valorant world champions.

Their first match against Fnatic was a real disaster. Fnatic completely dominated the tempo of the match and never gave Acend any chance to properly react. Haven ended with 13 – 4 for Fnatic, while Ascent went slightly better and the final score was 13 – 10. This 2 – 0 win propelled Fnatic to the top of group B and sent Acend tumbling down.

But Acend’s bad luck streak didn’t end there. They ended up facing the Turkish underdogs, BBL Esports, and got crushed harder than they did versus Fnatic. This was the final nail in their coffin and they dropped down to the fifth spot. Despite the initial low Valorant odds, BBL survived the group stage and secured a respectable fourth place.

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