VCT Masters Berlin – Day 4 Recap

Published: Sep 14, 2021 - Last Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Yesterday was an exciting day in Berlin. The fans of Valorant were treated to three incredible matches in groups A, B, and D. The Korean giants, Vision Strikers, took down Acend and secured the first place in the group, as well as a spot in the Valorant Champions 2021.

KRÜ’s attempt at a second victory was fruitless, as Team Envy proved to be a bit too much. Envy secured a clean 2-0 win and finished the group stage without losing a single map. Sentinels, as always, were simply brilliant and handled F4Q with ease, taking a convincing 2-0 victory and increasing their early lead in group D.

Vision Strikers are Scary

Image Credits | Vision Strikers

Since the very beginning of Valorant Champions Tour, the two regions that gained the most attention were by far North America and Europe. The NA region in particular has been pumping out content and promotions related to Valorant that seemed to drown out everything else in Valorant. For that reason, not many saw the dangerous threat that was lurking in the shadows.

Vision Strikers, a Korean squad that has been absolutely dominating its region for all this time, has managed to take down Acend in yesterday’s group A match. Acend dismantled SuperMassive Blaze without breaking a sweat, and everyone was impressed with their performance. This made their defeat to Vision Strikes even more impactful, seeing how utterly crushed they were.

Vision Strikers have the capacity to reach the top. As fate would have it, they missed their first LAN in Iceland, but they’re here now. And they are ready to take anyone on. They’ve got speed, precision, tactics, and discipline. If people had not been taking them seriously so far, they will start now.

The Sentinels Train Never Stops

Image Credits | Riot Games

Sentinels beating G2 was something epic. Both teams put up a fight, and as a result, we had an incredible match on our hands. The yesterday’s match between Sentinels and F4Q was a far cry from the previous showdown with G2.

Sentinels performed incredibly well, no doubt about that, but you could tell their hearts weren’t in it. The challenge simply wasn’t there, so instead, they just had some fun and picked up an easy win. Honestly, it looked as if they were smurfing. Any ideas of victory F4Q had were quickly snuffed out, and all that was left for them was to accept their fate.

F4Q are sitting in the last place of group D, with zero wins and two losses. The situation looks grim, and they are left with little to no options. Beating both Sentinels and G2 is the only way they even have a chance of making it forward, but those Valorant betting odds are simply unrealistic.

Team Envy Moves Forward

Image Credits | Riot Games

All of the NA teams have performed incredibly well so far, and two out of three have already secured a spot in the playoffs. First it was 100 Thieves, and now it’s Team Envy. Sentinels still have a few matches to go, but qualifying for playoffs is almost guaranteed at this point.

Envy is often overshadowed by their NA peers, as both Sentinels and 100 Thieves get all the praise. Teams filled with star players and both organisations working around the clock pumping engaging content is what keeps driving even more focus on them. That, however, doesn’t mean Team Envy is no less successful.

They’ve always performed well, albeit not to an extent that Sentinels have so far, but they’ve certainly achieved some pretty great results. In VCT Masters in Berlin, they swiftly eliminated their competitors and will be going into the playoffs where there are bigger fish to fry.

They beat KRÜ Esports yesterday with a 2-0 score. KRÜ did put up a fight on Icebox, but that was about it. On Ascent, Envy completely dismantled KRÜ and finished with a 13-2 score, sending a message that they’re not to be messed with.

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