VCT Masters Reykjavík Takeaways; Sentinels Reign Supreme

Posted on June 1, 2021

The Valorant Champions Tour Masters event in Reykjavík has finally finished, and after a week of non-stop Valorant action, we finally have the winner.

Sentinels have claimed victory over Fnatic in the Grand Finals that took place yesterday. This match was beyond anything we’ve seen so far in competitive Valorant, and it was truly a spectacle. Both teams were at each other’s throats, but ultimately, Sentinels were the team that prevailed.

We’ll briefly go over the events that led to this match, the smooth sailing of Sentinels, and the struggles that Fnatic went through in order to climb back to the top.

Sentinels undefeated

This North American team has proven time and time again that they are the best Valorant team there is right now. Before this LAN event, this statement was widely debated.

Many claimed Europe was stronger with its tactical style, and others pointed out to other regions in the world suggesting that we couldn’t place one region on the pedestal without them facing all the rest.

Well, we now have the definitive answer. Sentinels are the strongest Valorant team in the world, and on their shoulders, they carry the NA region and all the hopes and dreams of their fans.

This crew won the Masters event flawlessly. They are the only team to have not only won the tournament without losing a match, but they haven’t lost a single map either. Sentinels have faced three different teams from three distinct regions, and not once have they lost their composure and dropped a map. They stayed focused on the goal and fulfilled the mission.

Fnatic prove their worth

It’s understandable that all the spotlight will land on Sentinels in the coming days, but Fnatic’s performance in the Grand Finals has been exceptional. Many will see the final result and assume that it was an easy win for Sentinels, but that is so far from the truth. In reality, Fnatic have nearly won the first two maps, and had they done that, perhaps the outcome would’ve been much different.

This crew faced an immediate loss in their opening match, and against none other than Sentinels. This defeat led them on a journey through the Lower Bracket where they eliminated all other teams that stood in their way, including their European friends from Team Liquid.

Fnatic at VCT Masters Reykjavik
Image Credits | Riot Games

Sentinels had a straight road to the Grand Finals, and they deserved it, but Fnatic had to struggle through a thorny road, and that also deserves praise.

They are without a doubt the number one team in Europe. Who would have thought that the young ex-SUMN FC squad members would get signed by Fnatic back in February, and would end up being the runner-up team in an event of such magnitude? Fnatic have done an incredible job, and we can’t wait to see where the road will take them next.

The Grand Finals

The match opened up on Split, and immediately it was clear that this would be a close fight. Sentinels took the lead in the first half, but Fnatic closed the gap in the second half, leading into the first overtime. Sentinels claimed the win and we were introduced to map 2 on Bind.

This time, the situation was reversed, and Fnatic took initiative and finished the first half with a significant lead of 8-4. And just like on Split, the boys from Sentinels caught up and managed to even the score, taking this match into the second overtime. This one was even more intense, and the crowd was at the edge of their seats. Finally, through much effort and a bit of luck, Sentinels won their second map.

At this point, we couldn’t help but feel a bit bad Fnatic since they were so close to winning both maps. With a 2-0 disadvantage, they now had to win 3 maps in a row to win, including Icebox where Sentinels completely dominate.

Still, Fnatic didn’t let the pressure get to them and they held their ground until the very end. Haven was dominated by Sentinels, but Fnatic never let it get too out of hand. The very end was very tense as Fnatic were once again beginning to close the gap, but Sentinels managed to wrap it up and prevented Fnatic from taking this into yet another overtime.

We’re looking forward to the next wave of events in Valorant Champions Tour. Follow us to stay up-to-date with all news, reviews, and Valorant betting predictions.

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