VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 Betting Preview: Teams, Odds & Predictions

Posted on June 22, 2023 - Last Updated on July 7, 2023

As one of the top VALORANT events of the year, VCT Masters Tokyo features the best teams in the world. With $1,000,000 of prize on the line, the VALORANT Champions Tour is bigger than ever. Bearing this in mind, it’s a perfect betting opportunity – read on to learn more in our VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 betting preview!

Top VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 Betting Sites

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Event Overview and List of Teams

SeriesVALORANT Champions Tour
SeedingExtra Region Seed for VCT Champions
DatesJune 11th - June 25th 2023
VenueTIPSTAR DOME CHIBA Makuhari Messe, Tokyo, Japan

Competing teams have seeded from the partnered regions of EMEA, Americas and Pacific, as joined by two teams invited from China as listed below.

VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 Outright Odds

Kicking our betting preview off are outright VALORANT odds. For those unawaware, outright odds are set by bookmakers and provide insight into how the teams stack up ahead of the competition – the lower the number, the more likely the team will win.

Listing all 12 teams, GG.Bet is one of the esports betting operators currently offering outright odds.

Here’s a look at the outright odds below:

TeamOutright Odds
Paper Rex7.00
Team Liquid 9.00
Natus Vincere12.00
Evil Geniuses51.00
FUT Esports67.00
EDward Gaming67.00
Attacking Soul Esports501.00

Read more about this operator in our GG.Bet review.

Participating VCT Masters Tokyo Teams

Participating in this exciting VALORANT betting opportunity are various teams who’ve all earned their spot as one of the sixteen, qualifying for the event as listed:

Top Seeded Teams

  • EMEA League – Team Liquid, Fnatic
  • Americas League – LOUD
  • Pacific League – Paper Rex

Group Stage Teams: 

  • EMEA League – FUT Esports, Natus Vincere
  • Americas League – NRG, Evil Geniuses
  • Pacific League – DRX, T1
  • FGC 2023 (China) – Attacking Soul Esports, EDward Gaming

VCT Tokyo Betting Predictions

Overrall, there are four teams to consider, which we’d like to favour the high-seed teams in our predictions:

  • Paper Rex
  • LOUD
  • Team Liquid
  • Fnatic

While LOUD and Paper Rex look dominant, Team Liquid and Fnatic represent the most competitive region in the world – EMEA.

GG.Bet 100% up EUR/USD 300

VALORANT Masters Tokyo Format


  • The eight low-seeded teams are seeded into two double-elimination groups
  • With BO3 matches, only the top 2 from each group move on to the Playoffs
  • Once in the Playoffs, joining 4 high-seed teams, the final 8 compete through a double elimination bracket

Group Stage – June 11-14th

Starting things off is an exciting double-elimination format group stage featuring the 8 low-seeded teams. As implied by the description, teams are eliminated once they lose twice.

Split into two groups of four, with BO3 matches, here are the Groups as randomly determined;

  • Group A – NRG, Natus Vincere, EDward Gaming, T1
  • Group B – DRX, Attacking Soul Esports, FUT Esports, Evil Geniuses

From each group, the top 2 teams from each group advance to the Playoffs to join the four high-seeded teams waiting.

Playoffs – June 16-25th

Following the Group Stage, the Playoffs will feature a double-elimination bracket. Here, all matches are BO3 except for the BO5 Lower Final and Grand Final. Notably, the Finals will be awesome for esports betting.

As a reminder, the four teams seeded directly to the Playoffs are Team Liquid, Fnatic, LOUD and Paper Rex.

VCT Masters Tokyo 2023

VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 Schedule

As of right now, the schedule for the final matches of the Playoffs is as follows.

Lower Bracket Final – June 24th 

  • Evil Geniuses vs Paper Rex (05:00 CEST)

Grand Final – June 25th 

  • Fnatic vs TBD (05:00 CEST)

We recommend tuning into the VCT media pages and this updated betting preview.

VCT Masters Tokyo Prize Pool

Considering that the VALORANT Champions Tour events don’t have a particular points system, the prize pool up for grabs is as follows:

7-8th $35,000
9-10th $25,000

VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 Betting Tips

VALORANT betting offers a tonne of exciting esports betting markets and esports odds – for anyone new, we’ve gathered some tips:

1. Always use the top betting esports sites

It’s always important to start with the right foundation. When it comes to esports betting, the same concept applies.

Moreover, for the best experience, we recommend checking out only the top esports betting sites for VALORANT betting.

Means of knowing whether an esports betting site is reliable is by checking out the presence of a licence, deep betting markets and also esports 100% welcome bonuses.

VCT Masters Tokyo 2023

2. Knowing the betting markets

Once you’ve made up your mind on the esports betting sites, it’s time to become familiar with the betting markets.

Here are some examples, ranging from simple to special bets:

  • Outright tournament betting – as simple as ever, punters have the chance to pick out a winner before the event starts. We’ve listed this example above for you to evaluate.
  • Outright match betting – apart from picking an outright event winner, each match, regardless if it’s BO1, BO3 or BO5, punters have the opportunity to pick an overall winner before the match starts.
    • Outright match betting with handicap – on occasion, bookmakers tend to keep things balanced when the match seemingly favours one team over the other drastically.
  • Special bets – and now, to spice things up, there are a number of special bets to consider:
    • Correct score betting – if you don’t want to simply pick out a winner, punters can have a chance to pick the score too.
    • Over/under total rounds – sometimes the match leaks into overtime, punters have the chance to guess how many rounds it’ll take to end the game.
    • Map Pistol Rounds – considering that pistol rounds are essential to winning a match, punters can also vote on which team will win most of them

3. VALORANT Basics – Learn From the Best

Before placing any bet on any esport, punters are better off playing the game first.

Moreover, the more experience one has in the technicalities of how a game works, the more educated that placed bets are.

If you’d still like to learn more, we highly recommend playing while also watching only the very best VALORANT players in the world to understand what it takes to be the best in terms of individual skill.

Once you’ve understood the individual aspect, understanding the teamwork aspect of competitive VALORANT is essential and it’s what makes the best VALORANT teams stand out.

VCT Masters Tokyo 2023

4. Keeping up to date with the event

There are plenty of matches to look forward to at the VCT Masters Tokyo 2023.

We recommend keeping up to date with as many games as possible and following the news on the teams and players participating – especially towards the final matches.

In addition, live betting is always worth considering.

5. Bet Responsibly

Finally, you should always bet responsibly. This involves setting a budget, not taking excessive risks and betting smart on esports odds.

How to Watch VCT Masters Tokyo 2023

Coverage for the VCT Masters Tokyo event will be available on Twitch, YouTube and the official VALORANT Champions Tour page.

We recommend checking out these broadcasts while considering VALORANT live betting.

Images courtesy of Riot Games

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