VCT NA Challengers 1: 100 Thieves Eliminated

Published: Mar 7, 2022

We’re getting closer to the end of the VCT NA Challengers 1: Group Stage and there’s just one week left to go before we’ll have the complete picture of the upcoming Playoffs.

The situation in Group A is already decided. 100 Thieves and Evil Geniuses have both lost their fourth match in a row and have both been eliminated. On the flip side, we have The Guard and Cloud9 who have finished 1st and 2nd with four victories each. XSET and Luminosity have also qualified so the fifth and final week won’t make much impact for this group anymore.

Over in Group B we have Version1 and Sentinels leading the charge. Both teams have qualified and can rest easy in the final week of the group stage. NRG is the only team that has been eliminated and things are looking grim for Rise as well. They have one final chance this week, and if the stars align for them, they might potentially survive. Otherwise, we’ll probably see Knights qualify as the fourth team in Group B.

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What Happened to 100 Thieves?

The 100 Thieves squad finished the group stage in fifth spot with four losses and zero wins. Needless to say, this was quite a shock for the NA Valorant region.

They were one of the best teams in the previous season and boasted a strong core, but their recent roster changes were questionable. This has obviously impacted their performance in the Valorant Champions Tour and caused them to forfeit the opportunity to qualify for the first Masters in Reykjavík. They’ll be leaving home empty-handed.

The Guard and Cloud9 continue to dominate the group stage. They had already qualified in week 3, but they show no signs of slowing down. We’ll see whether they’ll be able to maintain their perfect score in the final week of the group stage.

Sentinels Secure the Third Win and Qualify

We saw OpTic take down Sentinels in week 3 and steal their second spot, but week 4 was the complete reversal where Sentinels managed to beat Rise with 2-1, while OpTic lost 2-1 to Version1. And just like in week 2, we currently have Sentinels sitting at the second spot and OpTic in the third.

Image Credits | Riot Games

Right now, there’s a battle for survival in Group B between Rise, Knights, and potentially OpTic. Rise must win against NRG in the final week to even have a chance at salvation. The match between Knights and OpTic will decide the third place, so this should be an interesting pick if you’re looking to place some Valorant bets.

Waiting for the Playoffs

The VCT NA Challengers group stage action has been a blast to follow so far. But once this last week is over, we’ll finally see the Playoffs seeds and the matchups. We expect Riot Games to reveal the bracket as soon as the group stage concludes.

As always, we’ll follow the situation as it develops and keep you updated. Make sure to stay tuned for more news, reviews, and Valorant betting tips.

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