VCT NA Challengers 2: Group Stage Recap and Playoffs Predictions

Published: Jun 13, 2022

The VCT NA Challengers 2 group stage has been a wild ride, where the top twelve North American teams battled through a series of best-of-three round robin matches. We saw some flashy plays, nail-biting matches and some really huge surprises.

The five weeks are finally over and it’s now time for the eight remaining teams to proceed into the next stage of the esports event, the VCT NA Challengers Playoffs, where the final winner will be crowned in less than two weeks, on June 26th.

But before we talk about the remaining teams and delve into some predictions, let’s take a quick look at the group stage and see how it all went down.

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Group Stage Recap

The North American VCT Challengers 2 were full of ups and downs until the very end. Some teams that were initially counted as the main underdogs, ended up performing exceedingly well and placing high on the leaderboards.

The most notable mentions were Ghost Gaming and NRG in group A, who placed 2nd and 4th respectively, but also Evil Geniuses, who marked their return by finishing 3rd in group B. All three teams faced considerable challenges and overcame them with relative ease, which was a pleasant surprise for all Valorant fans and Valorant betting punters alike.

On the flip side, some of the favourites in this tournament completely dropped the ball and ended up getting eliminated.

Sentinels, once a dominant team in the region, faced their biggest loss yet after going 0 – 5 in group B and finishing dead last. In their defense, they were facing some challenges with SicK having to leave the event to attend some family matters. Still, this was a pretty horrible run for the LA giants and a clear sign that something drastic needs to change within their Valorant team.

Cloud9 and The Guard also faced elimination, despite being one of the main favourites going into the tournament. The Guard were the winners of the previous VCT Challengers 1, but they really didn’t bring the same form this time around. Cloud9 kicked things off on a positive note, but their surprise deal with T1 completely derailed their run and ended up costing them the Playoffs.

What to Expect in the Playoffs

With the Playoffs fast approaching, it’s time to take a look at the remaining teams and offer some predictions. This is easier said than done as we’re dealing with the highly unpredictable North American region, so in this case it seems that all bets are off.

Still, there are a few exceptions where you can place some safe bets, one of which is OpTic Gaming. This team continues to deliver and they’re currently the only team in the region that’s consistent enough. As the current VCT Stage 1 Masters winners, they have the highest odds of winning this tournament. Additionally, they’ve passed the group stage with flying colours, which further solidifies their spot as the number one candidate for the title.

If you’re looking for some bets that are a bit more risky, you should definitely keep an eye on the three aforementioned underdogs, Ghost Gaming in particular. They’re unlikely to take down OpTic in the upper bracket from the get-go, but they might climb the lower bracket instead and mount a comeback in the very end.

And if you’re curious to see how the event will end up playing out, you can tune in live on June 16th, where the first match of the playoffs will commence. FaZe Clan is facing 100 Thieves, so you can expect a real show.

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