Version1 Introduces VersionX – The New All-Women Valorant Team

Published: Sep 24, 2021

The American Valorant esports organisation Version1 has just unveiled their second team – VersionX. This new all-women Valorant team aims to compete at the top level in Valorant and they have their sight set on the new VCT Game Changers: Series 3 that’s just around the corner.

Version1 is Branching Out

As the Valorant Champions Tour draws closer to its conclusion, an increasing number of esports organisations is starting a shift towards VCT Game Changers in order to continue competing in Valorant.

Version1 has been fairly active in the VCT up to this point, even landing into VCT Stage 2: Masters in Reykjavík and securing a solid 5th-6th spot. They had a rough time in VCT Stage 3, failing to qualify for the VCT Champions directly, but there’s still hope for them. They are one of the 10 teams in the VCT Last Chance: NA Qualifier. If Version1 perseveres and wins the event, they’ll still manage to secure a trip to Berlin in December.

The organisation has now revealed their second team, VersionX, which will compete in the VCT Game Changers series. This will open up new opportunities for the organisation and give them a safety net just in case the main team, Version1, drops out of the main Valorant Champions Tour event.

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What’s Their Plan?

The new VersionX squad will kick start their journey by competing in the VCT Game Changers: Series 3, where they’ll be representing the NA region. The organisation signed the ex-Just Breathe roster who had previously competed at the VCT Game Changers: NA Series 2.

They qualified by beating CLG Red, but would unfortunately end up being eliminated by them in the first match of the upper bracket quarterfinals. They are returning once again under the banner of VersionX, and will be looking to settle the score.

Brett Diamond, the chief operating officer at Version1, was very excited about the announcement and stated the following:

“The investments being made in women’s esports by organizations and game publishers are laying the foundation for a bright future. VersionX will immediately access the support structure we offer all of our teams: housing in Minnesota, state of the art equipment and a world class practice facility, media and content resources, and compensation that enables the players to be full-time esports competitors.”

The team’s in-game leader and captain, Kiara “Milkyway” Blue Kukilakilaokalani Makua, stated that being in Minnesota together will help the team and pointed out:

“When we started playing together, we wanted to be good enough to make it to the main VCT Game Changers event and we’ve accomplished that. As VersionX, we’ll continue to build on our success. Being together in Minnesota will help us improve in-game, at a much faster rate.”

Once the VCT Game Changers: Series 3 is over, the team will move to Minnesota where they’ll live and train together in order to hone in their skills and their competitive mindset.

Image Credits | Version1

VersionX Roster

This is the full VersionX lineup. Milkyway, Karra, and Natty were part of Just Breathe before joining VersionX. The other two members, Rush and Naomi, came from different teams. Rush was a member of Infinity and SinCere, while Naomi was a part of CLG Red.

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