vs The Mongolz Analysis and Prediction

Published: Dec 17, 2023

One of the most consistent team in CS2 is on the verge of making yet another Grand Final appearance, as face The Mongolz in ESL Challenger Atlanta’s first semi-final.

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CS2 odds used in this article were provided by one of the best CS2 betting sites, Pinnacle. vs The Mongolz Match Preview

The Rio Major Champions making a deep playoff run at an ESL Challenger event is nothing new. The Russian team has been grinding in CS2, and they are reaping the rewards of their hard work.’s journey at the tournament thus far consisted of only two BO1 victories against local competition in M80 and one of their fiercest rivals as of late in Monte. There’s no doubt that VP are one of the favourites to run the gauntlet in Atlanta, and they are on course to do so.

In the two maps they’ve played, the duo of Petr “fame” Bolyshev and Dzhami “Jame” Ali rose above the rest and delivered tons of impact on the server. fame is currently the best-performing player at the tournament, averaging a stellar 1.54 rating throughout the event.

The Mongolz

Nobody expected The Mongolz to make the play-offs in Atlanta, especially by beating the home team Complexity on two separate occasions. The best team in Asia is valiantly representing their region, and taking the fight to the more experienced European teams. At this ESL Challenger event, they beat Complexity in a close BO1 affair, before losing to Apeks and then dispatching of Complexity once again, this time in a much more one-sided matchup.

Getting to play in front of a crowd, against such high calibre opposition like VP is invaluable experience for the Mongolian squad. Having already beaten Complexity, The Mongolz have the chance to eliminate another front-runner in Atlanta. vs The Mongolz Analysis and Prediction
Image Credits: Pinnacle vs The Mongolz Odds & Prediction

Pinnacle Esports favour to end The Mongolz’s run and advance into yet another Grand Final in CS2. Despite the odds leaning heavily towards VP, it is shaping up to be a very exciting matchup.

  • Prediction: (2-1) The Mongolz
  • Odds: Win (-585/1.171), The Mongolz Win (+423/5.230)
  • CS2 Betting Site: Pinnacle

All odds accessed are accurate at the time of writing and are liable to change.

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