Vitality Bee vs Misfits Premier: LFL 2022 Summer Picks and Predictions

Published: Aug 3, 2022

Vitality Bee take on Misfits Premier in the first round of the LFL Summer playoffs. Each team finished second and fourth respectively on the split standings, and if they’re to progress to the final must win three in a row or get knocked out. According to the League of Legends betting tips, Vitality Bee are the likelier of the two teams to progress.

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Predictions: Vitality Bee to win

Odds: 1.41

Betting Site: Odds provided by GG.Bet

When: Wednesday, August 3, 18:00 CEST

Vitality Bee

VITB ended the split ranked third, with a win percentage of 61% having won 11 and lost 7 of their games. They would’ve finished second, except the slipped up in the final week of the split. Two losses in a row to LDLC and then to team BDS Academy meant that the latter overtook them on the rankings.

VITB started off the summer split riding high on confidence after winning their first four games, and remained just behind LDLC for most of the split. They’ll be slightly disappointed with how the last week of their tournament has gone, considering they must now begin at round one with the lower four teams despite having done so well for most of the split. VITB defeated Misfits Premier on the first occasion they encountered each other in the second week, one of the heads to roll as they surged to a perfect start.

But across the last four weeks of the round robin, they have won three and lost four of their games – one of those to Misfits. Since LDLC and Team BDS Academy are teams they will have to face in the playoffs at some point, the last week might be on their mind. Hopefully they haven’t peaked too early, and will be able to regroup and gather the same momentum and confidence with which they started the tournament.

Their kill to death ratio is VITB’s form petering off by the end of split will be some cause for concern, considering now their chances of reaching the final are lower now they’re grouped with the lower four teams instead of the top two. Still, according to LoL predictions their strong form throughout the tournament give them a clear advantage over MSFP, who’ve had quite an ordinary season in comparison.

VITB have maintained a creep score per minute of 33.1, and dealt a damage per minute count of 2282. They have killed 7.4 and lost 4.7 towers per game. Their kill rate per game this season has been exceptional, standing at 16.2, only behind LDLC and their death rate stands at 9.9.

vitality logo
Image Credits | Team Vitality

Misfits Premier

MSFP have had a middling summer, collecting nine wins and nine losses each to finish fifth on the split rankings. They failed to find momentum in the first three weeks of the season, but the first solid boost to their morale would’ve occurred when they managed to defeat Karmine Corp, BDS Academy and Team Oplon in consecutive games.

MSFP have been beaten twice by LDLC and Gameward, but have put up a fair fight against the remaining teams. They lost to VITB in the opening week, but got their own back as the summer split drew to a close. VITB have dominated most of the tournament, but their tapering form towards the end will give Misfits a glimmer of hope.

Of course, their own performances have been patchy too – of MSFP’s last five games, they have only won two. After last year’s magnificent summer campaign where they rose to claim their third LFL title, this season hasn’t exactly been how they’d have liked. But MSFP have been around for a long time, they know what it takes to perform when the stakes are high.

Though their form this split has been nowhere close to past seasons, they can never be fully written off from a contest. But the LoL odds aren’t in their favour for this contest, considering that VITB have had a far better season overall.

Vitality Bee vs Misfits Premier Predictions

MSFP’s kill to death ratio is 1, with exactly 13.1 kills and 13.1 deaths per game. Their tower kill rate is 6.3, and they have lost towers at a rate of 6.0 per game. MSFP’s creep score and damage per minute counts have been average. Their CSM at the end of the split stands at 31.6, and they have dealt damage at the rate of 2141 per minute. This is a bit of a tricky prediction but we’re backing Vitality Bee to take down the Misfits Premier nexus.

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