Voyage to the Sunken City – New Hearthstone Expansion Revealed

Published: Mar 18, 2022

It is finally that time of the year where a new Hearthstone expansion is announced, and not just any expansion, but the first expansion of the new yearly reset called Voyage to the Sunken City. With this update that is coming out on April 12th, there is going to be a massive rotation of cards, or at least shortly after the release of the expansion, which will be the biggest shakeup in the meta we have had since last year!

What is the new expansion about?

Like every expansion, there is a specific theme, and this time it is all about Naga and other underwater creatures that lurk under the ocean. There are a couple of new keywords, some cards are already revealed, and a few exciting interactions were shown off in the new trailer. Speaking of the trailer, the one that doesn’t have developer commentary and card reveals is quite a banger.

Check it out, maybe even add it to your YouTube music playlist.

Image Credits | Blizzard

New tribe – Naga

Tribes play a significant role in the world of Hearthstone, and this newest tribe, Naga, will help players build their Hearthstone top decks that revolve around such tribes. While most cards with the Naga tribe are going to be from the newest expansion, do remember that there were already some Naga cards released in the past that are also going to get this tribe added to them. The first example to come to mind is the Naga Sea Witch, which was terrorizing the Wild format for quite some time until it was nerfed.

New keyword – Colossal

One of the most exciting things in Hearthstone is when you smack down a big minion that makes you feel powerful, and cards with the Colossal keyword are just that. Units with this keyword will summon extra cards to the field that synergize with the main card. Colossal units also split into multiple cards before being drawn, but if you play the main card referred to as the “body” then the appendages will also be summoned.

Colaque, a 7 mana 6/6, is one of the revealed cards with the Colossal keyword, and if you play it, it summons a Colaque’s Shell, a 5 mana 0/8 card with Taunt and a Deathrattle: Gain 8 Armor. While you control Colaque’s Shell, Colaque is Immune, which is probably one of the most powerful keywords in the game.

New keyword – Dredge

Now this keyword is probably the most interesting one, especially for those players who have the most important cards in their deck at the very bottom of it. When you play a minion with Dredge, you will get to look at the bottom three cards of your deck and put it at the very top. While you will not necessarily draw the card immediately, as you would with Discover, putting it on the very top is still a great way to set up some big plays!

Log in for a free card!

Like with every expansion, if you log in, you will be receiving a card from the new expansion. In this case, you will be getting Blademaster Okani, a legendary card that costs 4 mana, has 2/6 in stats, and a Battlecry: Secretly choose to Counter the next minion or spell your opponent plays while this is alive. This card is already useable, and for all of you esports betting fans, yes, it will impact the competitive meta.

Last but not least, if you wish to acquire a big bundle of packs for the new expansion, you can find two different bundles in the store. One of them focuses on getting you 60 packs, a card back, and two legendary cards from the expansion, while the other bundle has something in store for Battlegrounds, Mercenaries, and some extra goodies for regular Hearthstone.

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