Warzone Creators Continue to Leave Platform; Hackers Are Back

Published: Jan 3, 2022

Admittedly, we never could have predicted that Warzone would be so seriously weakened after the arrival of a new map. There were many who believed that a fresh environment would re-invigorate the battle royale title, but it seems to have done the absolute opposite. In recent weeks, a dangerous number of Warzone creators have abandoned the platform, and now, to top it all off, the hackers are back.

In reality, did they even leave in the first place?

The Mass Exodus Persists

When Caldera, the new Warzone map, dropped, it was riddled with issues that made it almost unplayable. While many of those issues – and a host of fresh ones – persist today, there’s a new problem impacting Call of Duty: Warzone hard, and that’s the mass exodus of Warzone creators. Recently, many of the platform’s biggest creators and professional players have migrated out to playing other games, for the simple reason that Warzone is imploding.

The Caldera update has left Warzone in tatters. (Image Credit: Call of Duty)

Although Raven Software implemented a tough anti-cheat software in December, it hasn’t worked wonders for Warzone. It hasn’t been as catch-all an integration as we first thought, and many hackers are persisting in their malicious behaviour. In fact, they’re getting brazen, using hacked clan tags and usernames, and openly streaming while hacking and cheating in Warzone. This, combined with the many, many in-game flaws is pushing Warzone creators far away from the platform.

For example, we lead this point with Aydan, arguably one of the most famous Call of Duty streamers in the world right now. He has recently made a massive transition to Apex Legends, only dipping back into Warzone briefly, likely in the hopes that things have changed:

Hearts and Minds

These days, influencers and content creators are seriously impactful to the gaming industry. If they’re playing and streaming a title, chances are, it’s going to influence others to play and stream that very same game. We’ve seen examples recently with the likes of Escape from Tarkov, which has undergone massive, exponential growth in the last week. until the 8th of January, there’s an enormous drops campaign taking place, and the biggest, highest-paid Twitch streamers have brought so many new players into the game that it has caused mass server instability.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, when Warzone creators abandon the platform, their followers tend to do the same. Recently, infamous streamer Dr Disrespect has stepped away from Warzone to stream Super People, an all-new, near-future battle royale title:

This title is dramatically different from Warzone, featuring Apex-themed classes and abilities, with players assuming the roles of ‘super soldiers’. This PC-only title has been in a closed beta phase since the Summer of 2021, and it is already winning over many battle royale fans.

When you combine these fears regarding Warzone with the concerns circulating around the Call of Duty League, it paints a very sour picture for the franchise. As we move into 2022, these platforms are pivotal for the future of Call of Duty, and it seems that they – Vanguard and Warzone – are dying out.

Will a new Call of Duty title revive the space? Only time can tell.

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