Who’ll Be Lucky In 7? Week 7 NA LCS Coverage And eSports Betting Picks

Posted on February 23, 2016 - Last Updated on October 4, 2022

The playoff picture is becoming clearer after the conclusion of week 6 in North America.

Immortals remain the top League of Legends team with an unblemished record. Meanwhile, TSM, CLG, Cloud 9, and NRG are battling it out for the number two spot.

We’re here to recap all the action and preview Week 7 with along with esports betting predictions and analysis.

Team SoloMid falters in week 6

The first marquee matchup of the week featured TSM versus Cloud 9 in a battle for second place. Pick and bans went really well for both teams, with Cloud 9 giving up Kog’Maw to TSM but grabbing Gangplank in the next pick round.

Hai, perhaps watching Adrian last round, busted out the Soraka for the first time.

It started out well for TSM, with DoubleLift’s Kog’Maw picking up first blood in two minutes. DoubleLift would pick up another two kills 20 minutes in the game, extending TSM’s lead to 5k gold.

DoubleLift would then proceed to grab another three kills in the next three minutes, extending his lead to seven kills. That’s where things began to unravel, however.

As TSM attempted to siege up mid, the strength of Cloud 9’s team composition began to shine through. Cloud 9’s jungler, Rush, was huge on Lee Sin. He repeatedly found ways into the backline of TSM, kicking forward carries for Cloud 9 to focus down.

With Hai healing on the backline and TSM playing protect the Kog’Maw, team fights became extended and drawn out. Despite DoubleLift’s huge early game lead, Balls on Gangplank began to carry in the late game.

At times it looked like TSM were winning team fights, only to see a crucial Gangplank ultimate or barrel placement turn the tide of the fight. In fact, it was a well-placed Gangplank barrel that TSM failed to clear out that would lead to the final ace of TSM and a Cloud 9 victory.

To TSM’s credit, it was a chaotic fight with barrels being a low priority. It allowed Balls to do 1.2k damage per minute however, the highest damage per minute this split. It was a great game to watch and a crucial win for Cloud 9.

While TSM’s matchup against Cloud 9 was expected to be close, most prognosticators predicted TSM to take down Dignitas. TSM elected to send DoubleLift top lane on Caitlyn to solo lane against BillyBoss’s Malphite.

Just like their game against C9, TSM started out strong. A failed gank top lane by Kirei gave first blood to DoubleLift. After picking up three more kills over the next 12 minutes, DoubleLift looked to be in the position to carry TSM to victory.

There was just one problem though: TSM failed to respect KiwiKid’s Alistar play.

As TSM attempted to posture for Baron, Dignitas knew they had to make a play. KiwiKid hit an excellent Flash Pulverize with Alistar, taking out TSM’s front line right away. From there, Dignitas cleaned up the two TSM carries left in lane before proceeding to take Baron.

With a questionable pick of Quinn in top lane, TSM did not have the team composition to deal with Dignitas after their gold lead was erased. A couple more picks on DoubleLift, including a beautiful bush camp by KiwiKid, resulted in another Baron for Dignitas that ultimately led to the end of the game.

TSM’s inconsistencies continue and they now are sitting in fourth place at 7-5. This is still a comfortable position for making the playoffs, but TSM was projected to battle it out with Immortals for the top spot in North America.

Instead, they look more like a mid-tier team that are still trying to figure out how to play together consistently. The team announced today they have released head coach woodbuck and hopefully a new direction will help stabilize the team.

Echo Fox and Froggen go streaking

We discussed last week the visa issues that have plagued Echo Fox and how this would be a crucial week for them.

They came up big, winning both games and extending their winning streak to four games. Yes, those games have come against bottom tier teams, but when you’re 1-7 and you’re fighting for your life, you need to just win.

Froggen has been huge during Echo Fox’s revitalization, leading the team with a 9.2 KDA and over 90 percent kill participation (a ridiculous stat for a mid laner). He is the true heart of this team, but he’s had help from his bottom lane.

Keith had a massive week on Lucian. Couple that with the play of Big supporting (including his shot calling), and this is a team that is on the rise.

Next week will be another big week for Echo Fox. They’ll be heavy under dogs against Immortals and TSM, and stealing one of these games would really help their playoff position.

eSports betting predictions – Week 7 / Day 1

Team Impulse vs. Team Liquid

Currently there is a cluster of four teams within one game of the final playoff spot.

That includes both Team Impulse and Team Liquid, with Team Liquid having a one game advantage. While this is essentially a must win for both teams in regards to the last playoff position, it’s an even more important game for Impulse as they look to avoid the bottom two spots (which will face relegations at the end of the split).

Both teams haven’t played particularly well as of late. Team Impulse is 1-5 over the past three weeks of play. Team Liquid isn’t fairing much better, going 1-4 after their four game winning streak.

The morale of each team will also be questioned here. I expect a pretty close matchup, much like their week 3 game that saw Team Liquid win. There’s a lot at stake here, and this is when individual players must step up.

For that reason, I’m looking at Piglet and Fenix, two individually talented players that can help carry Team Liquid to victory. It’s going to be a really close game, but on an individual basis, I like Team Liquid here.

Echo Fox vs. Team SoloMid

Well this feels strange. Echo Fox is heading into this game on a four game winning streak. Meanwhile, TSM is looking to rebound after a 0-2 week. This makes for a very intriguing matchup.

It’s true, the level of competition that Echo Fox has faced doesn’t have the same ceiling as TSM. On the flip side though, TSM will be feeling a lot of pressure heading into this game. A new head coach (yet to be named) will also be present in the pick and ban phase.

They’re still safely in the playoff picture, but their seeding is dropping fast. There’s blood in the water, and Echo Fox can smell it.

Now that Echo Fox has a fully intact roster, this looks to be a really close matchup. TSM’s Bjergsen and Echo Fox’s Froggen have a lot in common. They both have similar play styles (they’re great at controlling the lane and farming), both are Danish, and both share the same birthday (fun fact!).

More importantly, they neutralize each other. The other strength of both of these teams reside in the bottom lane. TSM’s DoubleLift and YellowStar are world renowned players.

For Echo Fox, Keith and Big in the bottom lane have come up huge. They may not be as good as TSM’s bottom lane, but they can hold their own.

If mid and bottom lane are able to neutralize each other, this matchup could come down to top lane. TSM’s Hauntzer has been great all split and Billyboss may struggle to keep pace.

I think this will be another close matchup, but TSM will come out all guns blazing and pull out a win here. Take TSM if you’re planning to hit up any esports betting sites – but Echo Fox has great upset potential.

Immortals vs. Counter Logic Gaming

How do you follow up a great matchup? With another great matchup, of course!

As Adrian said last week, CLG has the potential to give Immortals a gift they don’t want – their first loss of the split. CLG wants to make a statement and this game provides them the perfect venue to do so.

After a close game against Renegades, Immortals turned it up a notch against Team Liquid. When they play at that level, it’s hard to see them losing.

In their first matchup in week 4, CLG put up a great fight, staying even through 15 minutes. Darshan can neutralize Huni in the top lane and Xmithie has really stepped his game up since that matchup.

What CLG can’t afford is their bottom lane going 0-7 again. CLG will pull everything out of there hat to try and knock Immortals off of their pedestal, but I don’t think it will be enough.

Take Immortals here but CLG has great upset potential.

NRG eSports vs. Renegades

Renegades figured out their early game last week, picking up leads against both Immortals and CLG. Unfortunately, they still need to clean up their mid-to-late game.

NRG has done a great job of beating lower tier teams, but has struggled against teams ranked above them. Despite Renegades’ apparent early game advantage, they’re still the worst team in NA.

Take NRG here.

Cloud 9 vs. Dignitas

Cloud 9 enters week 7 on….Cloud 9 (two puns in one article, free of charge!). After huge wins over TSM and NRG, Cloud 9 now sits in second place with CLG. Dignitas also enters week 7 with an upset win over TSM.

In week 3, these two played a very close match against each other. It was a low kill affair (9-9), with a crucial Baron play going in Cloud 9’s favor at the end.

There is one aspect to note about that game: Cloud 9 was still figuring out their support position in week 3 and has really gelled as a team since then.

I expect another close game, but the advantage belongs to Cloud 9.

eSports betting predictions – Week 7 / Day 2

Team Impulse vs. NRG eSports

NRG plays two of the bottom four teams this week and has a real chance of securing that fifth place spot. They have to worry about becoming complacent, though.

Team Impulse has shown this split they can beat any team that doesn’t take them seriously. These two played each other in a week 4 blood bath, with Impulse actually holding a slight lead 30 minutes into the game.

From a morale standpoint, Impulse is hurting for a win. I don’t see them getting it here.

Take NRG.

Cloud 9 vs. Counter Logic Gaming

This is the matchup everyone will be looking forward to this week. Whoever wins this game will have the inside track to the second place finish and a first round bye that comes with it. B

oth of these teams are evenly matched and I expect a great game, similar to the Cloud 9 vs. TSM game the previous week (okay, that was an epic match, but one can hope for such a repeat!).

In their first matchup in week 2, Cloud 9 really ran away with the gold lead. Hai’s shot calling and familiarity with the way CLG plays is a huge advantage.

I’m picking Cloud 9 here once again. I question CLG’s mindset after playing what will most likely be a mentally brutal game against Immortals on day 1.

Even if CLG pulls off the upset against Immortals, can they come back the very next day and do it all over again?

We saw inconsistencies with this team in week 5 when they were blown out by TSM. Cloud 9 will be able to handle the macro play of CLG and come away with a win here.

Take Cloud 9.

Team Liquid vs. Team SoloMid

Both teams come into this matchup really needing a win. For Team Liquid, they’re fighting for their playoff lives. For TSM, they’re looking to stay relevant.

These two played against each other during the opening week, with TSM stealing away a victory. Liquid had a 5k gold lead 40 minutes into the game, but a terrible team fight that they didn’t need to really take at the end sealed their fate.

I like TSM’s ability to win mid-to-late game here. Take TSM, but I like Liquid’s upset potential, especially if they can build a good late game composition in pick and ban phase.

Renegades vs. Dignitas

Finally, Renegades gets a winnable matchup. It’s no secret they’ve struggled all year long, not just with roster changes but also mid-to-late game shot calling.

Dignitas is the better team here, but they’re not a top-tier team like Renegades has faced over the past two weeks. At this point, Renegades knows they’re not in the playoff hunt and can start to play more freely.

For Dignitas, this is a must-win game if they want to stay in the playoff hunt. I think they get it done here. Take Dignitas.

Immortals vs. Echo Fox

It’s been a great run for Echo Fox so far, but this is a tough week for them. Realistically they have a better shot of beating TSM in their day 1 matchup then they do here.

I like what I’ve seen from Echo Fox over the past two weeks, and I think they have a really good chance of getting that last playoff spot, but no one is on the same level as Immortals right now.

Take Immortals with confidence here.

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