What’s New in Hearthstone’s 22.2 Patch

Published: Jan 25, 2022

The first patch of the year in Hearthstone is quite a big one, and it is actually really good. Not only does it bring Standard nerfs that everyone was hoping for, but there are also some Wild changes, and most importantly, there are all kinds of news for the lovers of Battlegrounds.

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Standard Changes

Rogue got hit really hard with these changes, and we can expect quite a shift in the meta, as Rogue represented almost 50% presence on the ladder before these changes. Since minion interactions were not really a thing against Rogue, we can expect many Hearthstone top decks which use minions to thrive even more than before.

Rogue nerfs:

Mage also got a small nerf, and again, on the same card that got nerfed in the past. This time it will take yet another turn for the Mage to discount their whole deck. While the mage was not the most oppressive class in the previous patch due to Rogue being immune to their burst with Cloak of Shadows, even with the nerfs to Incanter’s Flow, expect more Mage in your games.

Mage nerfs:

One thing that nobody expected are buffs to the Warrior class, and not just any card, but their newest legendary hero card. To be honest, we don’t think this will have that big of an impact on the meta, because the card was not playable before at all.

Warrior buffs:

Wild Changes

The Wild meta is also getting some changes, where the star of the show is Mage. They have been able to pull off some crazy combos in the early game by drawing and playing out their whole deck with Incanter’s Flow and Sorcerer’s Apprentice. But since both of those cards got hit hard, do not expect that to happen again any time soon(until they accidentally release something similar in the future). Besides that, there are also some Hunter adjustments, we are not sure why.

Wild Changes:

Battleground Changes

We are really looking forward to the battleground changes, as Hearthstone esports is including the Battlegrounds in this year’s competitive run with a very nice prize pool.

The biggest part of the patch is related to battlegrounds. There are quite a lot of changes out there, and the best way to experience them is to just play the game. The biggest change is the addition of the buddy system.

What is the buddy system? Each hero will get a minion that synergizes with their hero power, or their intended playstyle. In order to get the buddy, you will have to fill out a buddy meter by doing damage, popping divine shields, winning rounds, and having minions at the start of the combat.

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