Where is the 2019 LoL Worlds song?

Posted on October 7, 2019 - Last Updated on October 27, 2022

The League of Legends World Championship is well underway with teams like Royal Bandits, Damwon and Clutch putting in some incredible performances. Although the gaming action has been intense, many LoL fans are getting annoyed. This is because Riot Games have yet to unveil the official 2019 LoL Worlds song.

Although the LoL Worlds song is usually a fairly light-hearted affair, it’s still a big part of the esports tournament. Just like cosplay and esports betting, the rousing anthems created by Riot Games always deliver a big talking point. So where is the 2019 LoL Worlds song, and what’s the reason behind the delay?


The LoL Worlds song is supposed to build hype for the esports tournament. But as we’re nearly one week into the contest, it’s clear that something’s gone wrong. Riot Games have previously released the official song by late September, and there’s still no indication of when the anthem will drop.

In a statement from last week Riot Games revealed that the song is ‘not quite ready yet’, and no LoL Worlds song has ever been released so late. Teams like FC Schalke 04 and reporters like Tyler ‘FionnOnFire’ Erzberger have joined the calls for the song to be unveiled.

The official song is supposed to set the tone and narrative for each LoL Worlds competition. While Riot Games are usually pretty good at putting on a quality multimedia package, they may have missed the boat on this one.

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In the absence of 2019’s LoL Worlds song, we’ve seen many esports teams and celebrities unveiling their own parodies. Team Liquid managed to fool the esports community with a parody that initially sounded like a serious song, but ended up trashing the other teams in their group.

Riot Games actually got their act together when it came to releasing the orchestral theme song. This was released on 19 September and it was another clever variant of the Worlds theme. With crashing drums and punchy trumpets, it set things up perfectly for another massive esports contest.


Last year saw Riot Games producing two songs for the LoL Worlds tournament. This saw KDA’s POP/STARS and RISE releasing songs that became instant hits, and both acts even made appearances in the Grand Finals opening ceremony. But which is the best LoL Worlds song so far?

  • Legends Never Die featuring Against The Current – This 2017 track is very melodic and made great use of Chrissy’s vocals to build the hype for the esports action.
  • Warriors featuring Imagine Dragons – With a famous band and even a guitar solo, 2014 Worlds was set up perfectly thanks to this track.
  • Worlds Collide featuring Nicki Taylor – 2015’s LoL Worlds song was possibly the grandest anthem yet.
  • Rise featuring The Glitch Mob – Although some LoL fans said that 2018’s attempt sounded like Nsync, it was still a fair effort.
  • Ignite featuring Zedd – 2016’s song had some nice ideas, but felt a touch half-baked compared to other anthems.
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